Your Home Office Storage Problems Are Solved With These Smart Ideas

Make your average day at the home office even more productive with smart use of your storage space. From desks and organizers to cabinets and memo boards, when your work area feels organized and easy to navigate, you are sure to accomplish even more!

Work Place Central

No home office is complete without a desk. Big ones. Small ones. Everybody has their own idea about what kind of space they need. Even a small room can have an efficient home office desk to get your work done, hold a laptop and help you sort out what needs sorting out. Add a memo board nearby and you’re all set with the basics.

 Home Office Storage

File This

Gone are the days of boring metal filing cabinets, when you can replace them with stylish rustic versions that look stylish and chic, while still offering all the home office storage solutions you need. Pick one that offers extra height so you have even more drawers to fill.

Wall Organizer

Keep It Together

If only you had a place to put everything where you can see it. Enter the wall organizer — a place to keep all the important stuff ready at a glance. Position one right next to your home office desk and keep notes, phone numbers, reminders, mail, bills and messages where you can have instant access. Utilize wall space even more by mounting cubbies, bins and shelves.


Home Office Cabinets

Contain Yourself

The addition of space saving home office cabinets will go a long way toward corralling clutter and adding a sense of style to your space. Let a large cabinet with glass doors serve as your personal library to hold books, ledgers, resource materials and office knick knacks. It will instantly add order to what can often become a jumbled mess.

Home Office Desk

Work It Out

Sometimes having a workspace on the fly can come in handy. Especially in the kitchen where you just need a little space to jot down the grocery list for the week and to sort through coupons. Add a small rustic desk with a tuck-away seat in an unused corner of the kitchen or eating area. It won’t take up much space and gives you the workspace you need when you need it.


Out of Sight

Stacks of mail, piles of holiday cards, all the material you need for that project… these are the kinds of things that storage totes and bins were made for. Wrangle whatever you need and then tuck away on bookshelves or cubbies to keep things tidy. After all, there is a time and place for everything!

How Did You Show Your Storage Smarts?

Share how you used any of these storage ideas to make stylish use of your home office. We love to see your inspiration!