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Get Inspired: Cozy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Tips to Make Your Bedroom Cozy and Comfortable

The master bedroom is more than just a place you sleep at night; think of it is your very own luxurious retreat. It should feel equal parts comfortable and inviting along with a little bit pampering and luxurious.

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Bedding is the most obvious place to add a touch of luxury. Invest in a plush coverlet with matching shams and a set high thread count cotton or microfiber sheets to do the trick. Tuck away extra blankets and pillows in a storage bench or trunk at the foot of the bed.

Use your room’s walls to set a serene and cozy mood. Hang canvas wall art in a lovely floral print. Skip a basic framed mirror and instead opt for a decorative mirror with a bit more style, like one with an arched top or an ornate gilded frame.

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom is the one place where it makes the most sense to indulge a little bit. After all, you spend so much of your time there! Combine luxurious textures and sumptuous fabrics to create a pampered atmosphere. Just one touch and you’ll instantly relax. Little details make all the difference; think: pin-tucked pleats, crocheted accents and matelassé.

Give yourself a peaceful night’s sleep with room darkening window treatments that allow you to sleep in late and rise when you’re ready.

Add a touch of charm with an ottoman in a restful botanical print or a velvet-upholstered bench for the end of your bed. A scattering of accent pillows finishes the look.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create a Retreat All Your Own

Create a Master Bedroom That’s Truly a Relaxing Retreat


The rest of the house has to belong to everyone, but your bedroom should be the place that you can go to escape, relax and recharge. That means you should surround yourself with elements that inspire. Add your personal touch to your bedroom decorations by mixing textures, patterns and colors that satisfy your own individual style — after all, this is your retreat.

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Add the Quilt Quotient

The comfort of a quilt is unmistakable. Few items can add instant warmth and an inviting appeal like a quilt. From quaint and homey to stylish and chic, a quilt can serve as a canvas to express your personal style. While there’s the obvious use as a cover for your bed, there are a variety of ways to decorate with this welcoming piece. Try folding a quilt and displaying it as an accent piece at the foot of a bed, at the ready to chase away chills. Throw one over a banister to warm up a hallway, or display it on a wall to set the tone for a room and complement your bedroom’s overall color palette.

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Color Your World

From the bedding to the headboard to throw pillows and blankets, here is where you can mix textures and color to give the room personality. Looking for a color statement? Paint an accent wall behind the bed to anchor the room, then mix neutral-toned bedding with bold accent pieces to pull it all together.

If your idea of the perfect sanctuary is to add just a pop of color, then try marrying tranquil neutral tones of shell, ivory and cream with a bold color that expresses your style. Dramatic reds, luscious greens or effervescent blues all offer a playful color combination. Adding a pop of color can be as simple as tossing a few vibrant pillows on the bed, laying a throw over a chair or hanging a colorful wreath on the wall.

Prefer a lived-in cottage look? Mix a textured oversize quilt with distressed accent pieces. Looking to keep things neutral without being bland? Select bedding that coordinates but doesn’t match exactly for an effortlessly chic look.

reading lamps

See the Light

Your master suite is one place where multiple light fixtures can be used to reflect your mood. Skip the typical ceiling light or fan kit and opt for an opulent chandelier. Place reading lamps on bedside tables for easy nighttime reading. Wall sconces are a lovely way to add ambiance and bring focus to other areas of the room besides the bed. If order makes your space more comfortable, then select lamps sets in varying heights and place them in multiple areas. For a more eclectic look, avoid every light being an exact match of each other.

bedroom headboard

Use Your Head

Your bed is undoubtedly the focal point of your bedroom, so let the headboard make a statement. What speaks to your personal style? Shore-inspired seagrass, creamy tufted linen, a delicate garden gate scrollwork? The simple choice of a headboard can set the tone for your entire room.

bedroom accent pieces

Accessorize With the Extraordinary

Break out of the usual bedroom accessories and add unusual accent pieces to the mix. A padded sunflower stool offers a lovely spot to sit or rest your feet. Ornate birdcages can be a place to display greenery or an array of figurines. Fill bold, colorful vases with unexpected bouquets, such as a bunch of lavender or an array of gerbera daisies.


Reflect on it

Mirrors not only add an accent to your walls, but they can reflect sunlight and make your room appear larger. Gather a collection of small mirrors with varying frames on one wall to showcase your artistic side, or select a mirror with a unique frame, such as weathered scrolled flower-and-crown design or rustic aged barnwood. A large floor mirror can also make a stately piece while providing full-length reflection to your day.

Done with Cozy Bedroom Decorating? On to the Living Room!

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