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His & Hers: Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Ideas for a Bedroom Makeover That Everyone Can Love

Making the master bedroom a welcome retreat that appeals to both him and her can be easier than you think. The key is finding the right place in the middle of the spectrum between too feminine and too masculine and striking the right balance that celebrates both of you together!

Start With Inspiration

DO: Look through magazines, catalogs, Pinterest pages and model homes to get a feel for what kind of style and color palette you both like. See how you might use repurposed furniture pieces for a bedroom makeover.

DON’T: Sift through his bachelor stuff and her apartment stuff and make demands about what must stay and must go.

Bedding Sets

Popular Colors for Master Bedrooms

Once you’ve done your homework, a few distinct color palettes will emerge. Calming blues and soft grays are popular to create a serene atmosphere.

DO: Select a bedding set in a pattern and color that appeals to both of you. Sheets and coverlets are another way to build in color and texture into the room’s overall look.

DON’T: Default to a plain color that neither of you are that excited about. There are so many options out there, spending a little extra time to find the one bedding set that you are both happy about will be time well spent.

Bed Headboard

Use Your Head

Let the style of your headboard anchor the room. From elegant, upholstered looks to vintage wrought iron styles and everything in between. This is another place to consider the look that you both will enjoy.

DO: Keep in mind how your style choice might affect the practical use. For instance, if you like to read in bed, an iron headboard might not deliver on the comfort scale.

DON’T: Choose bedding and a headboard that don’t complement each other. As you build your room’s new style, make sure all the pieces work together.

Bedroom Lighting

Let There Be Light

Adding the right bedroom lighting accents not only sheds light where it is needed but also adds ambiance and mood. Don’t forget dimmer switches too!

DO: Consider placing reading lights on both sides of the bed, so that each individual can use the light when they need it. Think about table lamps, sconces or wall-mounted lights. Add the warm glow of a fireplace for both light and ambiance.

DON’T: Forget to choose an overhead light that works for your new decorative look. Maybe it is time to change up to a ceiling fan and light combination.


Keep It Comfy

After all, the master bedroom should serve as a welcome retreat, so be sure to add an ample supply of throw pillows and comfortable all-season blankets. They provide a beautiful decorative accent while making everything more inviting.

DO: Think in threes. When you’re not sure how many decorative pillows to get, start with a nice trio.

DON’T: Overdo it. If it seems like it takes forever to clear the bed of pillows every night, then you’ve probably overdone it. Relocate some to a window seat or the guest room.


Make It Personal

Take your time and look for that perfect piece of artwork or a wall sculpture that you both immediately treasure. Hang it prominently over your headboard.

DO: Focus on each other. Make a collage of favorite photos or framed sentimental items.

DON’T: Sacrifice comfort. Stay true to making this space your very own and fill it with decorative accents that you will be happy to escape to at the end of the day.

4 thoughts on “His & Hers: Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

  1. I love everything I see in your catalogue. I would like to receive it in the mail, so I can take my time deciding what to order. I believe you have my address.

    1. Hi Cora,
      Here’s the link to sign up for our catalogs:
      It can take a couple of weeks to get it, so feel free to look at our online catalog here in the meantime!
      -The Country Door Team

  2. I am looking for a chenille ruffled bedspread with slit corners. We have an iron headboard and footboard, and a neutral color (not white) would be great. Your Angelica chenille bedspread is beautiful but the corners are not slit.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately the Angelica Ruffle Chenille Bedspread does not come with slits. One of our customers used the Angelica Ruffle Chenille Bedspread on her four poster bed and gave it a five star review.
      If you prefer a more fitted look, another option is a simple, elegant pattern or solid color comforter with a bed skirt with split corners.
      Product Review:

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