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Before and After – A red geranium wreath on a yellow front door, topiary wall art, and a tall planter with red geraniums.

Front Porch Decor

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

You know what they say about first impressions! Your front porch serves as your first greeting and a welcome to guests, so be sure to add a few touches to your door, arch, steps, or walkway that sets the tone you want. Every season poses new opportunities to change things up in your front porch decor and increase its curb appeal. What decorating dilemma will you solve this season?

Give It Purpose

Take some time to decide how you want to use your front porch. Is it a transitional space or its own living space? If it’s small in size, then limit it to welcoming duty. Larger porches present an inviting place for seating and an outdoor living room. And what is more idyllic than a few well-placed rocking chairs to encourage everyone to “sit a spell” and watch the world go by. Consider the possibilities and think about how you can best use the space you have.

A spiral boxwood topiary poolside, beside two Victorian metal chairs, a blue pillow, and potted orange flowers.
Spiral Boxwood Topiary

Front Porch Topiary

Perhaps nothing can decorate a front porch in quite the same way as a topiary. Any plant will provide life and color, however topiary brings another level of artistry and aesthetics outside the front door. Our recommendation is Morris Dwarf boxwood, as it keeps its compact shape whether trimmed (Spiral Boxwood shown above) or untrimmed. However, whether you select boxwood, laurel, cypress, yew, or holly topiary, placing one on either side of your porch will raise your front porch decorating to another level.

Garden Wagon

Make a Statement

Go ahead and approach front porch decorating the same way you would a room inside your home. Do you want it to feel like an extension of your garden area? Place decorative planters filled with blooms, roll out a garden wagon for charm, and hang a wall accent nearby that pays homage to mother nature. Or perhaps you want it to complement your home’s interior. Choose outdoor cushions that match your style and think about using a similar color palette.

Welcome Mat

Make A United Front

Most of us immediately think of adding a wreath to the front door when we consider dressing up the front porch, and it’s a great place to start. There are wreaths for every season and holiday, so it’s an ideal way to keep things fresh and updated. Step back and consider all the ways you can dress up your front door beyond the wreath. Drape decorative vines around the archway or on columns. Hang eclectic lanterns nearby to shed light on the doorway at night. A welcome mat completes the look and can be changed out with the seasons.


Celebrate the Season

Your front porch is a perfect place to add seasonal touches. Pumpkins and hay bales during fall; festive holiday décor in December; planters overflowing with blooms in the spring and summertime calls for a place to stop and enjoy a tall glass of lemonade in the shade.

You’ll find these front door spring planter ideas inspiring.

Wall Accents

Power in Pairs

Flank your front porch with a duo that is inviting. A pair of topiaries welcomes guests, or matching flower boxes on both sides of the front steps. Hang matching lanterns on both sides of the front door. You have this beautiful symmetry that comes naturally with your front door and pairs of decorative wall accents can instantly give your front porch style and decorative appeal.

Show us Yours!

How have you decorated your front porch? Snap a photo and share your welcoming front porch with us.

Learn more about Seasonal Front Porch Decorating!

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