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Welcome Country Farmhouse Décor to Your Home

Farmhouse Style Decorating Ideas – Kitchen, bedroom, and living room views, including furniture and accents.

Top 7 Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

HGTV’s mega-hit “Fixer Upper” launched a modern farmhouse décor renaissance. It’s hard to escape subway tile, shiplap and galvanized metal filling store shelves, magazines and television screens.

Why are we so obsessed? Maybe it’s what great farmhouse style represents: cozy, comfort and nostalgia wrapped in a warm blanket of down-home hospitality. Perhaps we’re just tired of texting and want to sit around and talk face-to-face. Farmhouse decorating embodies our need for each other. It’s about family, friends and coming home.

But we don’t all have access to a famous interior designer. A country living room, dining room and farmhouse kitchen isn’t hard to achieve. Make a home decorated with professional precision using a few simple tips. 

Are you ready to bring country farm decorating ideas home? Here’s our top 7 elements of farmhouse style.

Tips and Ideas to Use Table Runners

1. Country Quilts and Mismatched Linens

Use heirloom quilts as inspiration to combine florals, checks, stripes or vintage prints throughout your home. Research French farmhouse décor linens. The more eclectic the mix, the more interesting and unique the final look. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match slipcovers!

Country Decorating Ideas:

The patterns and textures can be wildly different as long as you stay within a consistent color palette. Or, choose a pattern and feature it in different colors. Just make sure there’s a base of consistency.

2. Milky White Farmhouse Tables

Swap out the kitchen island for a white farmhouse table. (Add height with caster wheels). Color is important. Whites and creams are the neutral you need to build a modern farmhouse look. White has many tints and shades. These subtle variations all go together, so go ahead and layer white on white. Using white as a backdrop makes seasonal accents pop. Take inspiration from French country farmhouse interiors and add reds, yellows and toile blue for accent colors.

Country Decorating Ideas:

Consider adding bead-board accents on walls, backsplashes or cabinets for added dimension and authentic design touches.

A white Farmhouse divided wire shelving unit, holding green and ivory dinnerware, a ceramic rabbit, and vased flowers.

3. Unique Organization

Make organization a decorating style. Countertop kitchen canisters, mason jars, milk bottles or apothecary jars work double duty as country kitchen farmhouse décor and storage. Use clear glass to store colorful lentils, pasta, cookies or trail mixes for added color. Don’t settle for an ordinary vase—use a galvanized bucket, old tin or jars with missing lids.

Country Decorating Ideas:

It’s all about celebrating the beauty in ordinary, utilitarian items. Think about repurposing or using containers in unexpected ways. Don’t let beautiful dishes and containers collect dust. Get them out and use them!


4. Eclectic Chairs and Vintage-Inspired Seats

Sitting down never looked so good! No need to scour flea markets and garage sales looking for rustic chairs or interesting kitchen stools. The home décor industry is catching up to DIYers and taking a page from their book—designing pieces with antique-inspired elements like tractor seats. Many kitchen designs are taking unique seating into consideration. Clear corner space for a statement chair or use them instead of standard dining chairs.

Country Decorating Ideas:

Chairs don’t have to be the same. Use slipcovers or cushions to marry a bunch of random chairs for an eclectic, yet cohesive seating area.


5. Chickens and Barnyard Animals

We can’t let a discussion about country farmhouse décor or French country farmhouse decor go by without talking animals. Hens and roosters are back in the spotlight thanks to the popularity of backyard coops and farm-to-table lifestyles. Not a chicken fan? Incorporate a pig, cow, sheep, goat or other farm animal featured on an oversized canvas wall art print, kitchen linens or countertop accents.

Farmhouse Ideas:

Don’t overdo the animals. Just one statement piece is enough.Farmhouse kitchen accents of a pig string holder, black roosters mat, a wood and wire bin, and a sitting chicken tureen.

6. Basic Elements: Galvanized Metal, Chicken Wire and Distressed Wood

Two stacked round wire baskets with a wood handle, with green apples on top and gourds on the bottom.

Think materially. Farms have chicken wire, galvanized tin roofs and siding with lots of distressed wood. Look for these elements when building your style. Whitewashed finishes, soapstone countertops, refurbished barn wood, white stoneware and cast iron—all set the stage for a classic, yet updated, farmhouse style.

A rustic galvanized metal tray on a countertop, with soaps, a sponge and brushes in the divided sections.

Farmhouse Ideas:

Blend the materials. Balance out the textures and finishes to avoid looking cluttered and dated.


7. Go Toile! Try French Farmhouse Décor

Country living and style exists worldwide. Expand your farmhouse horizons. The French farmhouse is elegance incarnate. Timeless toile patterns, architectural elements, reclaimed wood and sophisticated details are miles away from Colonial country. Do some research and find your style.

Farmhouse Ideas:

Invest in linens. Layer your beds and treat yourself to luxurious towels. Use vintage and antique doilies or hand towels. Country is about comfort and relaxation.




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  1. I wish y’all would list paint color names on catalog pages. For example…what is the paint color for page 11 that goes with the serenity coral quilt?

    1. Hi Benita,
      We will certainly consider your suggestion in the future.
      That color is Benjamin Moore Bird’s Egg – Please note that the color may look different than online/in print. Thanks for your patience!

  2. Beautiful things

  3. I am looking for a quilted bedskirt in twin size, white or off white I have seen them in past catalogs, but can’t seem to locate one now. Can you help me?

    1. Hi Freda,
      Here’s a link to our current assortment of bed skirts:
      Please let us know if you’re still unable to find what you’re looking for. Thanks!

    2. This is a yr forward… twin bedskirts are from TJMAXX & Marshalls

    3. Please let me know when the Fitz and Floyde ” Bluebird Soup Tureen goes on sale. I love it ! Thank you

  4. I am so in love with all things “Country Door”!!! I would love to see bonus gifts for every 100.00 spent. Just an idea

  5. I would like to see more real country items that we can buy in Country Door. More older looking Items.

  6. I am so excited to see what you have to offer

  7. Could you please tell me the name of the blue wall color that was used with the Jessica Simpson ” Indian Sunrise Quilt” in the spring catalog? It would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Annie, Thank you for your question. The color is 2051-60 flat Benjamin Moore. Have a great day!


    1. Hi,
      Yes, that is our Metal Cream Cabinet. You can find it here:
      Have a great day!

  9. Love that whitewash rustic cabinet….. Where can I purchase one for my bathroom?????? And how much does it cost????

    1. Hi Cecilia, Thanks for your comment. That would be our Metal Cream Cabinet, you can find it here on our site.

  10. any ideas for French country decorating ?

    1. Hi Jan,
      Here are some ideas for French Country Décor & Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom.

  11. Love the GOOD MOMS sign, now I have an excuse for all my dirty laundry !

  12. Can the Foot Stool in French Farmhouse be purchased? Where?

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      We no longer carry this particular stool, however we have more options for stools at the link below.

  13. I love country farm living . It’s
    Simplicity style have a simple value in life I want to live.

  14. i have been with country door for a long time I wish you would bring back some of the old things.More of the rustic old country stuff like you had say 15 years ago that is how long i have been buying from country door or longer.but anyway I love country door.

    1. Mary,

      Thank you for the suggestion! Our Country Door team is working hard to give you the farmhouse and rustic decor you are looking for. We would love to hear more suggestions. Feel free to email our team at

    2. Hi Mary, We appreciate your response. We do bring things back from time to time – what’s old is new again! Let us know if there are some specific things you are looking for and we will share it with our buyers!
      Thanks for Sharing,
      Your Country Door Team

  15. Hi, I need some help with picking out some bedding for my bedrrom. 3 walls are logs and 1 wall is a dark mocha, Our carpet is a 2 tone light dark sage color. What would you suggest.

    1. Hi Diane, log cabins are so warm and inviting! It is hard to give advice without seeing the other decor in the room, but given that most of your room is neutrals with sage, we might suggest something in the cool color family – like a bright blue. You can always add more color with decorative pillows too. Here is a link to some interesting quilts and spreads –
      Thanks for Sharing,
      Your Country Door Team

  16. Looking for w mauve/cream/burghandy/wine color floral garland

    1. Hi Carolyn, unfortunately, we don’t have anything currently in stock with that color pallette. Please check out our assortment here –
      Thanks for Sharing,
      Your Country Door Team

  17. I wish your wreaths didn’t have any plastic in them. They are all so beautiful, but I hate that plastic! I love everything in your catalog, especially your country farm things. I live on social security, so of course I wish it were less expensive! Love the catalogs!!!

    1. Hello Diana,
      We will pass your comments on to our designers. Sometimes we have plastic in our wreaths so they are outside safe. Thanks again for your patronage.
      The Country Door Team

  18. Please let me know when the Fitz and Floyde ” Bluebird Soup Tureen goes on sale. I love it ! Thank you

    1. Hello Linda,
      We are glad you love the Tureen, it is very pretty. We do not always know when things go on sale. Might we suggest you sign up for email to be kept up to date on sales OR add the tureen to your wish list on your Country Door Account on the product page
      Happy Shopping,
      Your Country Door Team

  19. Does anyone still have the catalog showing the pigs “friends”, and two barn doors hung on a kitchen wall? I can fine the pigs online but now the riht doors.

    1. Hello Gail,
      Could you send us a picture of the page you are speaking of or give us the book version and page number? We are having trouble interpreting your request. You can email us using this link
      Warm Wishes,
      Your Country Door Team

  20. Found and ordered both!!

    1. Hello Gail,
      We are so glad you found what you are looking for. Feel free to share images on our facebook page, so our other fans can be inspired!
      Warm Wishes,
      Your Country Door Team

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