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10 Secret Santa Gifts Ideas

Make Santa Proud With One of These Inspiring Gifts for Your Next Gift Exchange

If you start to stress the moment you pull someone’s name out of the hat for this year’s Secret Santa gift exchange, then fear not. We’ve gathered a list of affordable secret Santa gift ideas that everyone will appreciate unwrapping and you can feel good about giving.

Scarves for Women

Infinity scarves, wintery scarves, glittery scarves… there are so many types of scarves for women to choose from and everybody likes to add to their collection no matter how big or small it may be.

Sports Memorabilia

The gents on your list will appreciate a gift that pays homage to their favorite sports team. Mugs, mementos, T-shirts, scarves, pennants, warmers are just a few ways to root for their team.

Brain Teasers

Give them their very own desktop puzzle that will be a fun break from the usual workday brain challenges.

Spa Inspirations

Every woman welcomes a gift that makes her feel special and pampered. Choose a selection of luxury bath products that smell like your favorite spa.

A Drink or Two

Who doesn’t want the full cocoa treatment? Wrap up a charming package that has cocoa, marshmallows and all the fixin’s. Want something that has the potential to pack a little more punch? Wrap a ribbon around a handsome flask set that is ready when he can use a stiff drink.

Get Personal

A personalized gift that features the recipient’s name will immediately feel special. Personalize a season-inspired snowflake mug or a travel cup.

A Night Out

A gift card to that funky new restaurant, movie tickets or admission to the latest art museum exhibit will be well received. If you don’t know the recipient that well, ask around to discover their hobbies or favorite haunts. Be sure to not ruin the surprise by telling too many people of your plans.

Tasty Treats

You simply can’t go wrong with food gifts. Everyone loves them. Literally—everyone. Find out what culinary territory they like to travel in, and you’ll be a gift-giving rock star. Some ideas to get you started: chocolate, cheese, liqueurs, spices, bacon, bread, cookies, snack foods, retro candy bars.

The Ears Have It

There are two ways to go here: a cool pair of headphones so they can listen to their favorite crooner at the office. Or consider a pair of stylish earmuffs to keep them warm this winter. Both are fun and unexpected.

A Good Book

Everyone appreciates a good read and the bookstores will have plenty of titles on hand to choose from: cookbooks for the cook, the latest biography for the trendy, A bestseller thriller, a coffee table book that is more about the pictures than the words will make those artsy types happy.

What’s the Best Secret Santa Gift You’ve Received?

Real-life examples of great gift ideas are the best ones! Share your favorites in the comments below.

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