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5 Interior Design Tips to Add Instant Style

Easy Decorating Ideas to Make-Over Your Rooms With Style

Small decorating budgets can still result in beautiful rooms. All you need is a little imagination to bring your room to life with these quick and easy interior design tips and ideas. These stylish tips remind us that sometimes the addition of a few small accents can have a big impact on the look and mood of your space. Trying something new is not as scary when you take one small interior design idea at a time!

Add a Pop of Color

Making a simple, inexpensive change, like new pillows in a different color, can refresh a room decorated primarily in neutral hues.

Wicker Baskets

Emphasize Your Accent Tables

When is a table not a table? When you use something unexpected as a side table. A rustic trunk, a stack of wicker baskets or a slender ottoman all add visual interest to your room.


Go Wild

Don’t be afraid to decorate with animal prints. A small amount in any room will go a long way whether it’s on a throw, lamp or an ottoman.

Drawer Pulls

Update Kitchen Cabinets

Update your kitchen cabinets—quickly and easily—by installing new knobs. Or go for added impact by giving cabinets a fresh coat of paint. It’s easy to follow these four simple steps: clean, sand, prime and paint.


Quick Napkin Fold

This quick napkin fold is suitable for either a casual or formal table. It’s easy, fast and anyone can do it. First, iron napkins flat to avoid creases. Then lay the napkin flat and grasp it in the center. Pick it up from the center and let the points fall into folds. Slice napkin ring around the center. Arrange the folds into a casual fan shape. For an added holiday touch, tuck an evergreen or holly sprig into the napkin ring.

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