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Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas

Arrive At The New Homestead With A Practical Housewarming Gift

Whether it is your best friend’s first home or you’re welcoming the new next-door neighbor, be sure to show up with a thoughtful housewarming gift. We’ve gathered together a few new home gift ideas to provide some inspiration.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

The Baileys in Frank Capra’s classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” gave wine, bread and salt as housewarming gifts, and for good reason. This tradition can be found in many cultures over the years. Here is a modern take on the tradition.

Wine – The old standard, the really-easy gift is a bottle of wine. Take some time at the wine store to see if there is a good vintage or vineyard that might love. You can opt for giving a bottle of wine and be just fine, but consider gifting something to go with all that new wine they will be getting, such as a really nice wine bottle opener, a set of wine charms or a set of lovely wine glasses.

Bread – Bake a fresh loaf or two and wrap it up in a brand new tea cloth. Or gather a basket of bread from the neighborhood bakery along with a menu to help them get acquainted with the nearby offerings.

Salt – This was an important gift back when salt was in short supply. Today, a few special salts, like smoked or Himalayan make a lovely gift along with a few other kitchen cooking necessities, like an imported bottle of olive oil or herb-infused vinegar.

Inspiration for the Cook

A new home is a perfect time to try out a new recipe or two. Or it could be that this new home offers a spacious new kitchen setting to try out cooking skills. A favorite cookbook, such as one of the Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks, or the latest bestseller will be a welcome gift.

Something Sweet

It can be as simple dropping off a plate of cookies while someone is moving in, or whipping up a special dessert for the housewarming party, such as cheesecake or a bundt cake. And it’s perfectly fine to pick up dessert from your favorite bakery as well!

First Impressions

Help the new homeowners decorate their front door or entryway with a door wreath, a welcome mat, a planter of flowers or a set of address numbers that puts a signature new look to their home.

Scented Candles

You know you’re home when you smell the fragrant aroma of vanilla, mulled wine or cinnamon apple cobbler. Whatever smell you associate with home, there is probably a jar candle that features that scent. Candles make the perfect gift for the housewarming. Be sure to share why that scent reminds you of home to you in your card.

Blooming Brilliance

Flowers always make a lovely gift. Arrive with them ready to display by putting fresh blooms in a pretty vase and finish with a ribbon. Potted plants or a large outdoor wreath also makes wonderful presents for the new home.

Kitchen Essentials

A few kitchen essentials will be much appreciated, especially for those first-time homeowners who might really need some of the basics. For the more seasoned cook, consider a trendy new kitchen gadget, like a pair of herb kitchen shears or a personalized cutting board.

Decorative Accents

A lovely little memento for their new home will be cherished. Present a quartet of songbirds for the living room, a perfectly worded wall sign for the kitchen, or a unique colored glass jar to hold items on a powder room counter.

Want More Gift Ideas?

We have lots of gift ideas for everyone on your list. Find some inspiration here!


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Looking for apple cake recipe from along time ago. Think it made an 8 x 8 cake Anyone have it?

There are a lot of great ideas here and I like the edible ones best. A frozen lasagna, box of granola bars or case of bottled water can go a long way for the famished movers as well.

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