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Gear Up: Camping Supplies

Gear Up: Camping Supplies

It’s Time to Gear Up for Family Camping Time

Make some family memories and escape to the great outdoors with a family camping trip. You’ll enjoy conversing with nature and getting in that valuable family bonding time that there never seems to be enough of these days. Here we offer up our checklist of camping gear as you head off to your outdoor adventures.

Family Camping Essentials

  • TENT – An extra large and roomy multi-person camping tent will become camping central for all your adventures. If there is one must-have item, this is it.
  • CAMPING CHAIRS – There will be plenty of opportunities for down time between hiking, fishing and whatever else your itinerary has covered. So be prepared to relax with a camping chair for each family member.
  • COOKER – When an open fire is allowed, then a cast iron cooker allows you to slow cook dinner right over the campfire. It also works great when you have a propane gas option available as well.
  • LANTERNS – With no electricity, you’ll need to shed some light after the sun sets. Be prepared with several LED lanterns that are easy to carry and hang from hooks around the campsite.
  • GAMES – There will be plenty of opportunity for fun around the campsite, so pack an outdoor game or two, like horseshoes, a bean bag toss or even a throwing disc game.
  • SWEET DREAMS – A good night’s sleep is more likely when you have an air mattress or camp bed for each person. After all, the rocky ground of campgrounds and campsites are rarely rock or bump-free.
  • FIRST AID – Channel your inner scout and be prepared for any minor injury with a well-stocked first-aid kit. Carry everything from bandages and ointment to antiseptic and blister treatments.
  • LAYERS – Camping often takes you to the mountains or woods and layers will serve you well with these fluctuating temperatures. Base layers, fleece sweatshirts, rain jackets and ponchos all will provide options for most weather conditions.
  • FOOTWEAR – Chances are your outdoor quest will lead you down different paths than what you are used to every day. Be prepared with a solid pair of hiking boots that will help you manage uneven, rocky terrain.

How was your last family camping trip?

Share some of your favorite memories from your last camping trip with the family.

2 thoughts on “Gear Up: Camping Supplies

  1. Thanks for the help. My wife and I are hoping to start camping soon and still need to get some supplies. I am glad that you reminded me of first aid. What extent of first aid supplies is necessary for camping?

    1. Hi Justin,

      It is always a good idea to be over prepared when it comes to safety and first aid!Hopefully no first aid will be needed, but we recommend packing a first aid kit with bandages, along with ointment such as triple antibiotic ointment to anti-itch creams, as well as possibly some antiseptics to clean up any minor cuts or scrapes, and possibly blister treatments if you are going to be hiking. I have also found it to be a good idea to pack extra sunscreen and/or bug spray for extra protection. Hope this helps, and you have a fun and safe camping trip!

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