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Create Your Outdoor Living Space

Create Your Outdoor Living Space

Decorating Tips & Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space into a Lavish Retreat

As the weather turns warmer the Mother Nature is calling us outdoors. Transform your outdoor patio or porch into your new favorite living space with a few key pieces. Let’s get some inspiration to create your perfect personal backyard getaway. From entertaining to personal downtime, it’s time to get outside!

Think of your outdoor living space in the same terms as your indoor living spaces. Create conversation areas with a variety of outdoor furniture pieces. Mix it up with single chairs, rockers, or an inviting gliding bench around a backyard fire pit or water fountain.

Outdoor Arbor



Create a New Entryway

Invite your guests into your outdoor retreat with a rustic trellis garden arbor. Morning glories and vining roses need only a little encouragement to wind their way along its rustic finish and create a magical doorway to your backyard.

Outdoor Decorating for Your Gazebo



Garden Gazebo

Define your new outdoor space with the help of a garden gazebo. Not only does it provide cover, but it also gives you a place to have floaty fabric or screen that catches gracefully in the wind. Flowing outdoor curtains catch the breeze and give it romantic appeal. And who doesn’t want that? Or, turn a porch or open space into your new outdoor living room with a freestanding pergola. It instantly defines your living space, adds shade and provides a structure to hang outdoor lighting.

Create a whole new outdoor space with the help of an outdoor gazebo!

Outdoor Rugs




Keep Things Neat on Your Feet

Once a gazebo has created your outdoor footprint, next add a large area rug in a vibrant spring hue that feels fresh and inviting and provides substantial footing for your feet. We often forget about framing our seating spaces with an outdoor rug, but it can instantly elevate your outdoor space to feel more inviting and comfortable. Make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your interior space.

But, remember, proper care of your outdoor rug is important if you want it to last season after season. Check out these outdoor rug cleaning tips here.

umbrella lights


Glow With It

Mild summer nights beckon all of us to spend our evenings outside. Illuminate with soft lighting. The ideas are endless.

Set the mood stringing delicate white lights around the edges of your gazebo corners for a twinkling effect. Hang orbs of light from beams and overhangs. Place candles of varying heights at the center of a table. Hang decorative lanterns from hooks or drape a string of lights over your umbrella for a magical summertime effect. Light pathways with garden-inspired globes.

Outdoor lighting

Light up the night with outdoor lighting that extends your entertaining and enjoyment long after the sun goes down. The magical effect brings the perfect touch of ambiance to your outdoor retreat.

Pouf Chair


Have a Seat

This season’s outdoor must-have is the outdoor pouf chair. And once you see how everyone flocks to these, you will want to be sure to have several on hand. They also provide handy extra seating when needed. Choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors to add instant whimsical charm to your outdoor space. They also make impromptu side tables too! Invite everyone to gather round and enjoy the summer festivities together.

Or, channel your next tropical vacation with the help of a comfy cushioned chaise lounge. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine yourself poolside!

outdoor curtains and chairs



Make It Cozy

Use water-resistant outdoor curtains to bring privacy to your outdoor space. Toss in a few matching outdoor accent throw pillows and an indoor/outdoor rug. Have a luxuriously soft throw on hand to cover shoulders when the evenings get chilly. These make the space feel inviting and an extension of your indoor spaces.

If you are decorating a small outdoor space, check out these space-saving small patio decorating ideas.

Outdoor Retreat with Wall Art



Add Some Art

Don’t leave those outdoor walls bare! Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own unique personal style with a colorful print or an outdoor clock to keep track of the time.

It’s easy to forget about your walls outside. We just don’t think of them like we do with our interior walls. A piece of metal wall art with Americana style always looks great.


Joy of Bird Watching

There’s something about the addition of a bird feeder that seems to instantly turn gardens into a paradise. Who can resist watching the antics of a chickadee? And attracting hummingbirds to your garden will brighten any day.

outdoor fountain with birds



Let It Flow

You don’t have to live next to a babbling brook to experience the tranquil sound of flowing water. Just add a beautiful outdoor water fountain to your backyard getaway and you have a lovely focal piece that is decorative while it sets a tranquil ambiance. There are also smaller solar garden fountains that use the sun itself to easily provide the relaxing sound of moving water.

Decorative Planter

Think Green

By now, everything is on its way to full blooming perfection. Invite nature up on your patio by filling multiple sizes of decorative planters with colorful blossoms and lush greenery and then placing next to seating areas or by your front entryway to welcome your guests.

Outdoor Storage and Screen



Out of Sight Storage

Don’t allow clutter to ruin your outdoor retreat. Invest in an outdoor screen to keep unsightly odds & ends accessible, but out of sight.

You might not think about needing storage outside, but add a simple set of shelves and see how quickly you’ll fill it up with things you like to keep handy — from candles and floral centerpieces to your favorite book or a basket of napkins. A deck cooler is a perfect addition to keep drinks cold all day. Be ready for an impromptu get together anytime when you keep a rustic deck cooler on hand and stocked with your favorite beverages.

You can always use an extra spot to set a tray, your latest book club selection or a glass of lemonade. Have a colorful garden stool on hand for these little moments.


Patio Fireplace Ideas to Catch the Glow


Simple Backyard Fire Pit Ideas and Tips

If the beckoning glow of fire has you thinking about adding a fire pit to your backyard or patio, we have plenty of fire pit ideas and tips to get you started on your quest. Just like any home décor, your personal style, taste and the layout of your space will all play a part in finding the right fire pit to fit your needs.

Start With a Vision

Before you begin shopping around for fire pits, be sure to think about how you want to use your fire pit. Would you like to entertain a large group of people around it? Or would you rather keep it more intimate and in a smaller space? Do you want to be able to cook on it? What kind of style will complement your home? Something that is contemporary or rustic? And what level of maintenance are you comfortable with? Are you prepared to regularly clean out ashes and stock up on wood, or prefer something with less upkeep?




Types of Fire Pits

There are many types of fire pits to choose from, but these are the main categories to consider.

Fire Bowls–These large metallic bowls are a popular option. They are relatively easy to move around and can often be used for campfire cooking. Most of these use wood for burning.

Fire Pit Tables–When you want your fire to sit higher off the ground and serve double duty with a tabletop, then the fire pit table is a good option. They usually require a little more space and can be a great place for small groups when entertaining.

In-Ground Fire Pits–When you have enough space in your yard, this can be a great option that can accommodate a large group of people who can enjoy the fire. Most of them are wood burning. Be sure to consider the fire pit’s exposure to wind and its position near the rest of your outdoor entertaining space. You don’t want smoke and embers putting a damper on the rest of your entertaining.

Wood or Gas?

No matter what style of fire pit you are considering, you will likely find options that include gas or wood-burning. Be sure to consider if you have proper ventilation to burn wood and the right kind of surface that can safely handle the heat. And finally, make sure your choice is in line with your comfort level to care and maintain it.

Outdoor Fire Pit Regulations

Check with your city, county and homeowner’s association for any regulations regarding fire pits. You don’t want to get halfway through installation, only to discover you won’t be able to enjoy it after all.

Is a Fire Pit Safe?

Placing a fire pit on a wood deck requires extra safety precautions. A gas-fueled fire pit designed for use on a deck is the safest option. For a backyard fire pit that is not on a deck, once you have determined a safe location, be sure to place it on a fire-resistant surface, such as gravel or stone.

You’ve been cooped up inside for far too long. Mother Nature has worked her wonders and the weather is now cooperating to entice you away from your cozy inside digs. Head outside and make your outdoor living area a place all your own.

Done With Your Outdoor Retreat and Now on to…

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