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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Tips

Most people have a plan of attack when it comes to spring cleaning their home’s interior, but what about their exterior spaces? With warmer months just around the corner, give some TLC to your outdoor spaces and be ready when the urge to get outside takes over. Below find an easy to use checklist that details what needs to be done within your outdoor living spaces and yard.

Check the Deck

  • Sweep or pressure wash unsightly cobwebs and other debris from porch ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Wash all patio furniture with a cleaning solution specially formulated for outdoor furniture.
  • Pay attention to the areas where you and your company will be sitting: wash or replace outdoor rugs, pillows and cushions, drapery and umbrellas as needed.

How Is Your Garden?

  • Clear away any dead weeds or leaves from planter boxes and gardening areas.
  • Trim and prune trees and shrubs to encourage growth and eliminate an untidy appearance.  If tree trimming is new territory for you, seek the help of your neighborhood gardening enthusiast; they will be glad to offer advice.
  • Add fresh soil and amendments to garden and landscaped areas.
  • Take inventory of existing plants and determine what you would like to add this season.

Give Everything a Once Over

  • Give the grill a thorough scrubbing and refill or replace propane tanks if required.
  • Clear out debris from gutters. Plan on spending extra time here, especially if nearby tree leaves tend to collect there.
  • Hose down or power wash your home’s exterior and doors; touch up paint where needed as well.
  • Wash window and door tracks. Don’t forget the windows!
  • Wash decorative flags and fabric decorations while checking for any tears that might need repair.
  • Clean outside light fixtures and replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Check hoses for cracks and leaks; store on a decorative hose holder to prevent damage while adding a nice accent to your outdoor space.
  • Give a critical eye to retaining walls, driveways, sidewalks and outdoor furniture for damage. The winter months adds considerable wear and tear to your home’s exterior.
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