Simplify Your Holiday Gifting!

Get a head start on your Christmas gift planning and shopping by starting early. All those easy gift ideas are a breeze to pull together now, while you have time on your schedule. Waiting until later will only add more stress to your holiday gifting efforts. Here we offer a few simple tips that can help you get the upper hand this holiday season!

Easy Christmas Gifts

Give your store-bought jams and jellies that farmhouse look without the time-consuming work of canning. Soak off the labels of your store-bought preserves in warm water, cut a square of gingham and tie it around the lid. Remember to label each jar under its cloth covering.

Christmas Shopping List

If you shop early and then hide your gifts until Christmas, be sure to make a list of what you bought and where you stashed it. Keep the list in your wallet or other easy-to-remember place for safekeeping, then refer to it as the countdown to Christmas begins. There’s nothing worse than finding gifts after the holiday has passed.

Simple Gift Bag Idea

Amidst all the reusable “green” bags available, I thought last Christmas, I would use them to put my gifts inside—with some tissue and a little raffia or ribbon. They were favorites; some were bright green and some red. It didn’t matter, people loved them as they could be used all year round and over and over and it was good for Mother Earth too!