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3 Baby Shower Front Door DIYs

A woman standing in front of a porch decorated for a baby shower, with a baby bottle wreath, a metal stork and sock tree.

Are you hosting a baby shower? Don’t forget a little front door decorating cute enough to wow guests. Try these DIY projects cleverly designed as baby shower gifts!


A fun baby shower should start at the front door. So let’s rethink the wreath and make it a gift the new mother will love and use.

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  • Wire wreath frame
  • A variety of gifts which may include: burp cloths, baby toys, small baby toiletries, baby bottles, diapers and clothes.
  • Onesie
  • Baby clothes hanger
  • Sign (if wanted)
  • Rubber bands/zip ties


Roll up diapers, burp cloths, socks and clothes (if wanted) and secure with rubber bands. Use zip ties to secure on the wire wreath frame. Finish with baby toys interspersed throughout the wreath. Add the sign to the middle using zip ties to secure. Hang the onesie on the clothes hanger and snap the bottom onto the wreath. Hang the wreath and hanger in 2 places. The onesie may not be strong enough to hold the wreath.

Baby Shower Gifts Front Door Wreath
Baby Shower Gift Wreath Burp Cloth
Assembling Baby Shower Gifts Front Door Wreath


Baby Shower Sock Flower Arrangement

Instead of buying flowers that will eventually die, make sock flowers for baby’s feet!


  • Baby socks
  • Tree branches
  • Large vase or container
  • Receiving blanket
  • Ribbon
  • Other presents (if wanted)
  • Rubber bands


It couldn’t be simpler. Lay a baby sock flat and roll it up starting at the toe. Fold the top of the sock around your roll and secure using a rubber band. Make a bunch of flowers. You can also use burp cloths and washcloths for bigger blooms. Look around your yard for a large tree branch. Add the sock flowers to the branch ends. Arrange in a reusable container. Wrap a receiving blanket around the container with a bow and stuff more goodies inside. Of all the baby shower gift ideas, we like this one the most. It is so easy and definitely stands out.

Making Baby Sock Flower DIY


Baby Shower Diaper Bag DIY

Why are storks associated with delivering babies? Its origins are rooted in ancient German folklore which spoke of storks finding babies and delivering them to houses in a basket. The legends might have been lost were it not for Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen’s 19th-century fairy tale “The Storks.”

Use this classic fairy tale theme for a stork-inspired diaper bag and delivery box.


  • Diapers
  • Receiving blanket
  • Diaper pins
  • Pacifier
  • Ribbon
  • Rubber bands
  • Shipping box (recycle one!)
  • Black paint or black marker


Roll diapers and tie with rubber bands. Fold the blanket lengthwise with create a knapsack. Stack diapers in a pyramid on the blanket. Tie the blanket on top and decorated with a ribbon bow, diaper pins and pacifier.

Assembling Baby Shower Diaper Sack DIY


Did you get crafty for a baby shower? We’d love to see your creativity! Show us in the comments below for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page.

Baby Shower Front Door Decorating

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Published on Apr 05 2019

Last Updated on Mar 17 2021

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