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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Deco Mesh Garland

A blonde woman attaching two shades of green netting to a narrow grapevine garland.

Easy Deco Mesh St. Patrick’s Day Garland!

Are you a deco mesh fan? All front door decorators should be! Why? Deco mesh is a wide gauzy ribbon with metallic highlights AND is waterproof for outdoor use! It’s made to hold its shape as you arrange it.

Deco mesh is also affordable. So we’re using it to make a St. Patrick’s Day front door garland. Let’s get started.


  • Grapevine garland
  • Deco mesh (buy extra to include length for fluffing it out)
  • Floral wire
  • St. Patrick’s Day ornaments and embellishments
  • Command hooks
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A blonde woman attaching two shades of green netting to a narrow grapevine garland.
  • Uncoiling the vine is probably the most difficult part of this project. Lay it out on the floor or a table and pull it lengthwise, working with the direction of the loops.
  • Grapevine comes in several different lengths. The vine will not lay flat, it will be looped. Measure your door frame before ordering and be sure to buy extra length taking into account the looping.
  • Loosely wind deco mesh around the vine. Use 2 different colors for more vibrancy.


Use wire to secure the deco mesh in bunches at even intervals along the vine. Keep the mesh loose and fluffed out.

Close-up view of hands attaching two shades of green netting to a narrow grapevine garland.
Close-up view of hands tying off the ends of two shades of green netting on a narrow grapevine garland.
Hands wrapping two shades of green plastic netting onto twisted grapevine branches.


Close-up view of hands attaching glitter shamrocks to a grapevine garland with two shades of green netting.

Add seasonal ornaments and accents using wire, string or glue. Wood cutouts available at most hobby and craft stores come unpainted, allowing you to personalize for your color scheme. Or upcycle Christmas ornaments.


St. Patrick's Day front porch display of green garland landing in a pot of gold, a lit lantern with green bow, and planters.

It’s good to shake off the decorating “rules” sometimes. Try hanging a garland lopsided, one side only, for a fun twist.

Deco mesh: love it or hate it? Tell us in the comments below!

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Published on Feb 22 2019

Last Updated on Jul 30 2021

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