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Privacy Film for A Front Door

How to Install Window Privacy Film on a Glass Front Door

Glass in a front door can be a double-edged sword. It adds visual interest and diffuses light. But it also lets people see inside. Good news. You don’t have to change your door for more privacy. There’s an easy solution!


Privacy film is like a removable wallpaper for your window. But it comes in many different patterns and styles. Some are more transparent to allow light through like a frosted glass. Others are completely patterned and opaque. There are even mirror options! Do some shopping around and find the style you like best.

woman unrolling privacy material for window


Applying the film is easy. First, it’s important to thoroughly clean the glass and frame around it. Use your favorite window cleaner. Go over it several times to make sure all the dust and dirt is gone. Dry completely before continuing.

woman with bottle of window cleaner


Measure your window. Cut the film 2 inches larger than your measured space. It’s important to leave extra to make sure the glass is completely covered.

woman using a tape measure to measure window
woman measuring out the privacy paper for window


Spray clean water on the glass. This makes the film easier to move into place and holds it on the glass. Apply the film. Use a credit card or squeegee to smooth out wrinkles. Trim the edges with a utility knife. And you’re done!

woman applying privacy paper to window
woman using a credit card to smooth out privacy film to assure no bubbles
woman using a credit card to assure a smooth edge to privacy film
woman using credit card in corner of window to assure a smooth edge to privacy film

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