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Decorating Ideas: Neutral Home Décor

Shift Into Neutral With These Home Décor Ideas

If you thought that a neutral color palette translates to a boring one, then think again. Gone are the days of beige overload. Today’s neutral color palettes are filled with rich neutral tones, tantalizing textures and eye-catching graphic patterns that will make you re-think the power of neutral home decor. Here we offer up a few tips that will help you use neutral home decor to create a space that is both soothing and sophisticated, all at once.


Mix Your Colors

Choosing a neutral palette doesn’t mean that you pick one color and put it everywhere. Instead, pick multiple shades, like a mix of ivory, pearl and eggshell. Let your fabrics and materials help guide you as well. For instance, a dining table set looks distinctive when the table showcases one shade of wood, while the chairs feature a complementary wood tone.


Play With Patterns

Staying within a neutral color palette provides the perfect opportunity to play with patterns. Hang a set of curtains in the right hue that feature a striking geometric pattern. Arrange decorative throw pillows in multiple patterns, that all still stay inside your chosen color scheme.


Skip the Matchy-Matchy Look

It can be so tempting to stop by your local furniture store and invest in the seven-piece matching set. Resist the temptation! It might all match, but it will not have that designer look. Instead look for pieces that work well together, and that each bring their own distinctive look, like a charming console table with a weathered finish, or a metallic-edged side table.

Table Lamp

 Keep It Interesting

Think of a neutral color palette as a blank canvas that provides the opportunity to show off your accessories. Take for instance a table lamp—you can pick one in an accent color that really stands out in your neutral space. Or choose one that features an intriguing shape or design that stays within your chosen color scheme. Either option is visually appealing.


Take a Seat

Show off texture and details within neutral furniture selections. A tufted-back, comfy, oversized chair and matching ottoman will look sophisticated and beautiful within a pale palette. Always wanted a chaise lounge? An all-white room is the perfect place to give one its star billing.


Luxe Retreat

The bedroom is an ideal room where neutral home decor can be transformative. Layer different shades, patterns and textures to instantly make your bedroom feel like a luxurious spa retreat. Layer a quilt set on top of sumptuous sheets, then top with lush blankets and a faux fur throw to give a final pampered touch.

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