Home Interior Decorating Tips to Coordinate Your Space

Home Interior Decorating Tips to Coordinate Your Space

Create Your Own Signature Style Relax! You don’t have to be a design pro to create a signature style and coordinate a complete pulled-together feel to your room. A few tips and tricks are all you need to guide you toward the right look that is ideal for you. We will fill you in on […]

Home Interior Design Ideas By the Numbers

Home Interior Design Ideas By the Numbers

Foolproof Home Interior Design Ideas When your furnishings serve double duty, then everything in your space seems to work twice as well. Think about adding key pieces that not only look beautiful but also serve a practical purpose. And when you are unsure about arranging home décor, whether it’s wall art, a collection of figurines […]

Decorate With Green – Chenille bedspread, wall plaques, a floral rug, vased flowers, and a table lamp, all in green.

Little Ideas With Big Impact for Your Home Décor

Smart and Budget Friendly Strategies to Update Your Home Decor Often times, we aren’t really looking for a big room makeover, but we could definitely use a tip or trick that adds a little something new to your room. From adding a fresh color to one room’s palette to giving a touch of romance to […]

White slipcovered loveseat, white and blue swirl pillows, scroll faux cement coffee table, and vased blue and white flowers.

Interior Decorating Tips to Lighten Up Dark Spaces

Lighten Up Any Room With These Key Design Tips If your living room or family room feels heavy and dark, it may be time to discover the lighter version that is waiting to be uncovered. A few inside tricks to this common decorating dilemma will have you rejoicing over your refreshed space in no time. […]

A collection of gray and blue floral stoneware on a mantle with a white doily over a green check cloth.

Tips & Solutions – Home Decorating Tips

Customers Share Their Home Decorating Tips and Solutions Ever visit a home and see a completely original decorating idea? They usually come from the most unexpected of ideas. Just take a look at the ingenious home decorating tips that our own Country Door customers have shared with us that show how thinking outside the norm […]

Decorating Tips – Lace covered lamp, floral dinnerware, gray bedroom with many wall frames, green stained glass bathroom.

Home Decoration Tips

Country Door Customers Share Their Decorating Tips The mantra in today’s world is often, reuse and recycle. Just take a look at the ingenious home decorating tips that our own Country Door customers have shared with us that take their cue from yesterday. See if they inspire you to make something old, new again! New […]

A short yellow Farmhouse cupboard with two doors, a tall Family Rules plaque, multicolor canisters, and yellow walls.

Summer Interior Design Tips

Garden Rooms: Find Inspiration in Summer’s Palette Everything’s abloom this season, so why not celebrate the juicy colors of summer by paying tribute to all things bright and vibrant throughout your home! Stroke of Genius A splash of color can be all it takes to wake up any room, whether it’s a fresh coat of […]

A sitting white Folk Art cat with a black and tan quilt front and a multicolor paisley design.

Home Decor and Care Tips

Often times we discover some of the best home decor and care tips come from our very own Country Door customers. Take a look at these little known home decoration tips and ideas and see if you can use them to brighten your home too! Country Door Customers Share Their Home Decor Secrets Decorating with […]

Mother's Day Sweepstakes – A Mother verse above a rustic metal shelf, a hammock chair  –  Rules for entering.

Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

There’s nobody quite like your mom. Share with us how she fills a special place in your heart and home when you enter our Mother’s Day Sweepstakes April 20, 2015 – May 11, 2015. Enter our Mother’s Day Sweepstakes and choose from one of two prize packages that celebrate mom – the first one creates […]

White slipcovered chair and sofa, round rattan coffee table, sunflower wall canvas, sunflower pillows, and a table clock.

Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

Follow These Five Decorating Ideas to Create a Cottage Feel in Your Home Dreaming of an escape to the country? Bring all the cozy welcoming elements of cottage living to your space and escape every day. Maybe it’s the comfy unpretentiousness. Maybe it’s because we instantly feel right at home. Whatever it is, it’s no […]