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Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas

Ah, the joys of childhood! All those stuffed animals and action figures to wrangle, and imaginations to nurture. When it’s time to decorate a kids room, keep an eye toward creativity and fun and be sure to throw in a dash of organizational optimism. Keep flexibility in mind. After all, as kids age, their tastes change dramatically. One year it’s all pink ponies and the next it’s an obsession with space travel. Not to mention, furniture choice will be dramatically different for your toddlers compared to once they become a teen. Here are some inspiring kid’s room decorating ideas.

Girls’ Room Ideas

Make it Magical

Perfectly feminine bedding tops off any princess’ bed. A matching quilt and sham becomes the backdrop for stuffed animals and dolls for the younger set. One that appeals to a more fashionable teen will make her feel more grown up. There’s just something about that fairy tale canopy that makes it one of the must-have bedroom accessories of every girl at some point in her youth. Choose one that you can accessorize with her personality.


Put it Away

No matter how many times you tell them to put away their toys, they will be far more compliant when they have easy-to-fill storage bins and a welcoming hamper with a friendly face.

Boys’ Room Ideas

Boys’ Room Decorating Ideas

Into the Wild

Encourage his sense of adventure with a bedding set that sends him on a nightly safari. An oversized quilt and sham in expedition-friendly neutrals does the bulk of room decorating. Finish with wild stuffed animals and fun wall art.

Kids Table And Chairs

Imagination Central

A kids’ room is so much more than a bedroom. Be sure to choose kids playroom furniture that stirs their creativity. A table and chairs becomes headquarters for everything from coloring to action figures to clay molding.

Coat Tree

Hang Ups

A place to hang coats, backpacks, scarves and bathrobes can be the key to reducing room clutter and keeping everything in its place. Choose a coat tree or rack that will be secure and easy to use.

What’s Your Next Room?

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