Spring Fever: Spring Inspired Interior Decorating Ideas

Spring Fever: Spring Inspired Interior Decorating Ideas

Spring Home Decor Inspiration Those first signs of spring outside will have you wanting to spread the cheer inside as well. Garden Inspiration After you’ve spent hours in the garden prepping for spring’s blooms, you can bring the bounty of the season to your bedroom when you add an effervescent quilt showcasing the boldest and […]

Update Your Space with the Simple Addition of Area Rugs

Update Your Space with the Simple Addition of Area Rugs

A bold rug can do so much; makes a colorful statement in your living room, anchor a seating area or soften a hardwood floor. Patterned rugs add punch to a room and can enhance an existing color scheme. Just like they do indoors, area rugs help to unify an outdoor space. Indoor/outdoor rugs create a […]

Be Inspired With Spring Decorating Ideas

Be Inspired With Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Decorations As Mother Nature begins to waken up the garden and flowerbeds outside, she provides plenty of inspiration for bringing springtime into our inside decorating as well. Time to shift from cozy and warm color palettes to brighter and cheerful ones. Look to lighter weight fabrics and nature-inspired patterns to help welcome the new […]

Country Door's Spring Room Makeover Sweepstakes

Spring Room Makeover Sweepstakes

  Does the possibility of breathing new life into your living space seem like just wishful thinking? Well now you have a few ways to make the dream a reality. First, be sure to enter Country Door’s Spring Room Makeover Sweepstakes. Second, find inspiration in a few innovative solutions we feature for common decorating challenges. […]

Dining Room Ideas

Devour These Delicious Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining Room Ideas It’s more than the place where you serve a meal, your dining room becomes command central for everything from spreading out work papers, chatting with friends over coffee, perusing magazines and having late-night conversations. So, it only makes sense that you give your dining room its very own personality and flair. Find […]

Instant Room Makeover

Instant Room Makeover

Room Decorating Ideas It’s often the little things in life that make the biggest differences and the same holds true when it comes to home decorating. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut because you think that it takes a lot of time, money and big changes to make an impact in a room […]

Brighten Up Your Home Decor

5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home Decor

Decorating Ideas to Refresh Your Home Every year, you gotta love how out of the cold chill of winter pops the gorgeous blooms of spring. Wake up your home decor with your own dose of sunshine. For months now, you’ve been all about keeping things cozy and warm. With springtime’s shift in temperature, now you can […]

Girls Room Decorating Ideas

Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas

Ah, the joys of childhood! All those stuffed animals and action figures to wrangle, and imaginations to nurture. When it’s time to decorate a kids room, keep an eye toward creativity and fun and be sure to throw in a dash of organizational optimism. Keep flexibility in mind. After all, as kids age, their tastes […]

Interior design Tips to Revitalize Your Home

Interior Design Tips to Revitalize Your Space

Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Room Have one of those rooms where you haven’t changed its décor in what seems like forever? Now is the time to solve this decorating dilemma with a room makeover that takes your space from boring to inspiring with a few simple changes. Let these interior design tips inspire your […]