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Interior Design Ideas: Transform Your Space with Texture

A white and coral paisley quilt with a seagrass headboard, embossed gray plaques on a white wall, and coral tulips.

Texture is often an overlooked aspect of interior design. Textures can set the mood of a room. Soft, fine fabrics create a feminine mood, while rustic metals and woods are more masculine. Natural elements like dried botanicals, wood and wicker are more casual and comfortable. Sleek and shiny surfaces like polished wood and glass are more formal. Textures need some repetition in a room to create the mood you want. A mix of textures results in an eclectic look.

2 thoughts on “Interior Design Ideas: Transform Your Space with Texture

  1. This quilt is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Where can I purchased it??
    Thank you

    1. Hello Marcee, thank you for your comment. This quilt was very popular for us this spring season and unfortunately, it is no longer available. WE do have a wide variety of quilts that you can find on our website by following this link:

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