White slipcovered loveseat, white and blue swirl pillows, scroll faux cement coffee table, and vased blue and white flowers.

Interior Decorating Tips to Lighten Up Dark Spaces

Lighten Up Any Room With These Key Design Tips If your living room or family room feels heavy and dark, it may be time to discover the lighter version that is waiting to be uncovered. A few inside tricks to this common decorating dilemma will have you rejoicing over your refreshed space in no time. […]

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A white and coral paisley quilt with a seagrass headboard, embossed gray plaques on a white wall, and coral tulips.

Interior Design Ideas: Transform Your Space with Texture

Texture is often an overlooked aspect of interior design. Textures can set the mood of a room. Soft, fine fabrics create a feminine mood, while rustic metals and woods are more masculine. Natural elements like dried botanicals, wood and wicker are more casual and comfortable. Sleek and shiny surfaces like polished wood and glass are […]

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