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Three rotating views of a bed layered in a green quilt, a navy quilt, and a blue, green, and white medallion quilt.

How to Layer Bedding

The Proper Way to Dress a Bed Starts With Layers

Ever visited a fancy hotel or charming bed and breakfast and wonder how they made the bed feel so luxurious and special with multiple layers of bedding? Now we share with you a few tips on how to layer bedding for warmth, comfort and pampering bliss!

Getting Started With Layering Bedding

Start from the mattress and build our way up. First, a mattress cover is the base layer that protects your mattress. It’s the super basic thing that is never seen, but good to have under all your bedding. Next, choose a sheet set in your color palette, or use the designer trick of using a base layer in crisp white. It serves as the perfect canvas for all your other bedding and earns the “plays well with others” award every time. Bonus–it is the easiest color to care for and is easy to get it sparkling white. Why else would hotels everywhere use it!

Layering a Bed Like a Designer with Pattern to Solid Bedding

How To Layer Colorful Bedding

Get This Look: Sonoma Piece Dyed Oversized Quilt, Sonoma Piece Dyed Sham, Embroidered Sentiment Pillow, Harvest Tufted Pillow

Beautifully Made Bed with Solid to Pattern Bedding

Layering Beds with Quilts

Make a Bed Warm and Cozy

Warm hues and snuggle-worthy fabrics make layering in cooler weather a treat. After you have your sheets in place, add a mid-weight blanket layer in a super soft fabric. Top that layer with an oversized quilt in a complementary solid color. Add your first set of pillows in their pillowcases, then on top of those, add shams to another layer of pillows. Now top your bed with a comforter in a duvet cover. Here is a great place to add pattern and color. You can choose to spread your comforter over the entire bed, or fold it in thirds at the foot of the bed. Finally, give a dramatic toss to a throw blanket in a pretty seasonal hue to add a bit of texture. Finish with a smattering of decorative accent pillows.

Also, don’t forget to wash your comforter regularly. This easy-to-forget chore takes some planning. For some important tips, read our article on how to wash a comforter at home.

Warm Weather Bedding Layers

Take a layering approach when the weather is warm, but choose lighter fabrics and play with layering solid colors with your spring and summer patterns. After you have put sheets on your bed, layer on a lightweight woven blanket. Next, layer one solid-color quilt on top of another color. You can choose to peel back one layer, or if you like a warmer night’s sleep, keep both layers on. Top with matching shams and a variety of decorative pillows. For a final touch, it is nice to have a pretty, soft throw draped across the foot of the bed. It is inviting for guests to feel cozy and throw it on while napping.

Looking for even more ideas to decorate your bedrooms? We have even more bedding inspiration here.

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It’s just an article on decorating. There’s no need for name calling at all !! Like it or don’t, it’s your choice !!

Really ladies? Wow is right.

Wow! All of you passing judgement on Sam for not liking that messy look are the ones who should be called out for being rude. She was polite and didn’t call any names, unlike several of you.

Sam is a jerk!

Shame on you. That was uncalled for!

Rude. go to another sight SAM

That’s the pot calling the kettle rude!!

Most of you completely missed the point here. They staged the beds to show the different layers/colors that one can achieve a designer look with. They aren’t advocating a messy bed, but unfortunately, that is the only thing you folks got out of it. Try again…

I don’t like that messy look either. I want a nice hospital corner sheets with a nice soft blanket on top. Next a nice pretty bedspread!

Ditto Camilie.

I do not like the messy look either, however after making the bed, I like many decorative pillows, very dressy look.

Hello Camille,
Thank you for your feedback. A classy bed helps set the mood in every bathroom.
Your Country Door Team

While I like the layered look and use it, I agree with Sam…I don’t care for this messy look.
It not only looks unkempt but is a trip hazard with the material in the floor.

Hello Diana,
Thank you for your feedback. We will use it the next time we post this type of material.
Your Country Door Team

Is The NEW Look Now a messy look. Do not like any thing of what you have shown. Corners on the floor, wrinkles all over the bed. it looks like you just threw the blankets on the bed. I thought they were before and after pictures/ but ALAS I did not see any after pictures. Are they just supposed to have that just slept in look. Negative vote on my part.

Sam, I believe this ‘messy’ look is simply to show you the way to layer & how to use contrasting colors to create this layered look. When the bed is made properly (neat & not messy), a photo would not show the different layers nearly as well.

When the bed is made properly (neat & not messy) YOU and YOUR GUEST will be the only ones who will benefit from the layering of coordinating colors. Of course, any contrasting pillows or quilts/blankets folded across the bottom or middle of a bed would then be able to be seen by a photo or a passer-by.

Hope this makes more sense. I don’t think anyone is advocating for keeping a bed this messy.

Hello Sam,
Thank you for your feedback. We will inform our stylists and use it next time we show photography.
Your Country Door Team

Love the layering look!

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