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Sofa Slipcovers Instantly Update a Room

Creative Living Room Décor Using Slipcovers

Looking for a way to try a new color palette in your living room, or want to give your family room an instant makeover? Get acquainted with today’s sofa slipcovers. Gone are the days of ill-fitting slipcovers that look sloppy and don’t fit well. Today’s slipcovers are a dream to use and fit so well into your décor that your guests won’t even realize that slipcovers have been deployed on your current furniture.

Get Started Decorating With Slipcovers

If you have ever found yourself flipping through a home décor magazine or wandering through a furniture store and seeing a gorgeous pattern or color that is not part of your current decorating scheme, and wished you could give it a try? If so, then slipcovers may provide just the interior design trick that you need. Take a look at your room and identify sofas, loveseats or wingback chairs that are good candidates for slipcovers. Measuring is key to a good fit—we have step-by-step details here: How To Measure Slipcovers.

Decorating With Slipcovers
Harmony Coordinates Slipcovers

Coordinate Your New Look

Often, you’ll find slipcovers in nicely coordinated collections, making it easy to mix and match solids with patterns like gingham and toile. This is a great way to embrace patterns when you may have been a little afraid in the past. Slipcovers make changing up your look both affordable and easy. Plus, if you grow tired of the pattern and want to switch back, it’s as quick and simple as removing them. Slipcovers are one flexible way to satisfy your changing décor tastes.

Ivory Slipcovers

Consider Solids

If you have a room bathed in patterns, try a simple sophisticated look with white or ivory slipcovers that serve as a perfect canvas to let your accessories shine, like throw pillows and area rugs and lighting.

How to Put a Slipcover on Your Sofa

  1. First, clear off your sofa of all accent pillows and grab a wooden spoon from your kitchen
  2. Spread the slipcover over the sofa, starting at the front and pull the cover over the back.
  3. Use a clean wooden spoon to tuck any excess fabric into the creases of the sofa near the arms.
  4. Pull any extra fabric from the middle out toward the arms. Use the spoon to tuck into the creases.
  5. Tuck any extra fabric along the back into the crease underneath the back
  6. If your slipcover has ties, then straighten the fabric and pull into place with the ties.
  7. Throw on your accent pillows!

How to Care for your Slipcovers

One of the best things about slipcovers for couches is how easy it is to care for them. Remove your slipcovers and toss them in the wash on gentle cycle. Use a cold setting to avoid fading and shrinking. Dry on low and take them out right away to avoid wrinkles. Have a few stains that need attention? Be sure to treat them with stain remover before washing and drying them for the best chance at removal.

Shop This Room

A sofa and chair in solid red and red and white checks, HOME wall art, two white cylinder side tables and a round clock.

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