How to Pick Paint Colors – Two views of four rooms with the same furnishings, and the effect with different wall colors.

How to Pick Paint Colors

Refresh Any Room in Your Home with These Paint Color Ideas Choosing your room’s color palette is no easy task, which is likely why so many settle for a boring beige instead. But take heart—picking the right paint colors for your room’s walls is easier when you use these handy tips that we’ve compiled for […]

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Room Recolor – Two views of the same bedroom with the same furnishings, but one with mauve, one with charcoal walls.

Room Recolor II

Room Recolor II: Watch rooms from our spring catalog transform with paint The Country Door Team loves discovering fresh ideas to transform your rooms – And what simpler way to do that than with a new paint color? We took six of our new spring catalog rooms and swapped out the wall color to see […]

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