Refresh Any Room in Your Home with These Paint Color Ideas

Choosing your room’s color palette is no easy task, which is likely why so many settle for a boring beige instead. But take heart—picking the right paint colors for your room’s walls is easier when you use these handy tips that we’ve compiled for you. Paint, after all, is one of the most affordable ways to give new life to your room, so give it a try and see how a new hue can make all the difference.

Start With the Basics

Build your room’s color palette around the pieces in the room. Don’t start with the paint color first. Take inspiration from the furniture and decorative accents that are part of your space. Even if you really love this one shade of lavender, take a step back and identify the elements of the room that feature your beloved color first. After all, shades of a color can vary widely and that gorgeous occasional chair you found may require a different wall accent color than if you had started with paint and then had to find furniture to match it. Want to start small on this whole color journey? Consider a color update to your bath décor. Pick a small powder room to try out a new color, then work your way to other rooms of the house from there.

Travelers Trunk – Left Room Paint Color: Morning Dew (Benjamin Moore); Right Room Paint Color: Recolored to Pantone DS 318-9C

How to Choose Color Combinations

Even if you are only painting one room, you must still keep the whole house in mind. How does that one room flow into the next room? You don’t want your new room’s color choice to feel jarring or awkward as you enter or leave it. Within your one room, you may choose to do all one monochromatic color on every wall, or consider the use of the accent wall, where you use one distinct color to draw the room’s focal point. Use a color wheel as a reference tool to see how colors combine and complement each other. For more color insight, read our article on how to decorate with color.

Set Your Mood

How do you want your space to feel? A more intense, saturated color will feel more active and vibrant, while a soft pastel can feel luminous and calming. The intensity of a color will change a bit once you fill an entire wall or room with it. Taking it back a level of intensity may be preferred to not overwhelm the space. Want to read more about how to use color to evoke a certain mood? Read our guides for choosing colors based on moods.

Gather Sign & Gray Console – Left Room Paint Color: Decorators White (Benjamin Moore); Right Room Paint Color: Recolored to Pantone 587U (Green Tone)

Popular Colors for Living Rooms

According to the color experts at the Pantone Color Institute, 2017 is the year to combine the unexpected with the familiar. So don’t be surprised if you see its pick for color of the year—a refreshing, zesty shade of green—pop up in homes everywhere this year. This color trend supports our growing desire to be optimistic and nature-conscious. You’ll see it combine equally well with foresty neutrals as it does with bold vibrant garden shades. But don’t forget about the other popular color combinations out there including: soft pink and gray, milkier shades of blue and gray, and multiple shades of soft, creamy whites accented with charcoal and blacks for a modern transitional look.

Happy Pillow – Left Room Paint Color: Recolored to Pantone Yellow 123 (lightened through correction); Right Room Paint Color: Mascarpone (Benjamin Moore)

Consider the Light

Remember that paint colors look different depending on the light that hits them. Paint a few patches of your selected colors on your actual walls and then see how the color looks as the natural light comes in throughout the day. Once evening falls turn on your room’s floor lighting and table lamps to see how that light works with your new wall color choices.

Color Your World

Now that you have a few basics under your belt about choosing paint colors for your walls, head for the paint store and see what colors speak to you. Don’t be shy about taking swatches of fabric or that accent pillow you love, so you can find just the right shade. Ask for samples of your favorite colors and get expert advice from the people there. You’ll have a new look before you know it. And the best part is…another new look is just a coat of paint away. Pin this article for later! For more, follow CountryDoor on Pinterest.

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