How to Change A Doorknob

How many people does it take to change a doorknob? Just you! Yes, you can do it and you’ll love the results. It’s a quick, affordable upgrade to unlock your front door’s potential.

But First This...

All you’ll need for this installation is a standard Phillips head screwdriver. You know, the one that’s always there until you need it. And now you can’t find it and it’s frustrating. Which is making you think maybe you should get a toolbox…

But we digress. Obviously you’ll have to remove the old doorknob and such. Just unscrew everything you see and pull it out. It’s that simple!


Oh, and one more thing. Keep that old door knob to take to the store. It’s easier if you find new hardware with the same dimensions.

1. Install the Deadbolt

Don’t let the name intimidate you. A dead bolt is nothing to fear. Just place it and screw it into the holes that are already there. Voila!

NOTE: Not all front doors have a deadbolt. You may get to skip this step if you’re just replacing a door knob!

If your new door knob assembly is not the same dimensions of your old one (because of course the one you loved had to be difficult), you will need to measure and drill new holes (more info here). But let’s assume you found the perfect match.

2. Install the Latch Assembly

The trickiest part? Remember to face the slanted (or beveled) edge of the latch to the outside so it locks into place when you close the door.

Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of Phillips head screws and your screw driver (have you found it yet?).

3. Install the Strike Plates

* See pictures below

4. Replace the Doorknob

Finally, we’re replacing the door knob! This step is when it all comes together.

Insert the larger piece first, fitting it through the lock mechanism in the door. Fit the other piece into place. Be sure to line up the screw holes.