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Spooky Halloween Front Door Decorating

A Haunted Door – Spooky black script on a white background.

Come a little closer…we put a spell on this door! We have a spooktacular front door to show you today with bewitching tips for a creeptacular front door decorating makeover! Did you know Halloween is the fastest growing holiday in the United States? And why wouldn’t it be? Great color combinations, costumes and don’t forget the candy! Today, we’re getting spooky…happy haunting!

Creepy (decorating) Tricks – Spooky black script on a white background.


Making an entrance spooky is as simple as changing a lightbulb. You can find all kinds of colored bulbs online or in stores. Pick a purple, green or orange for sconces and overhead lights. Flickering bulbs add a little extra spooky ambiance.


woman applying orange lights to outside tree for Halloween

Lighting is important for a haunted front door. Battery-operated fairy lights or candles are great investments. Use them inside luminaries and pumpkins for an eerie glow. This is a great time to get extra mileage out of your Christmas lights or buy Halloween colored string lights. You’ll find lots of places to use them.


A witch sitting on straw bales with apple in hand, next to three metal Jack-o-Lantern luminaries and Halloween signs.

If Halloween is your thing, add just one bigger decorative piece a year. You don’t have to make a huge investment all at once. These pieces stand the test of time. Witches and ghosts never go out of style!


two straw bales on a porch, the start of a fall decorating theme

Use big boxes, hay bales or crates to add depth and create taller areas to decorate. Straw bales can usually be bought at garden centers for relatively little money. And you can use the straw to mulch your garden for the winter!


A woman holding a large willow tree branch with brown leaves on a porch with a wood bench.
woman placing tree branch in a five gallon bucket full of sand

Get creative! Go shopping in your own yard for spooky branches. Anchor them in buckets of sand. Who knows-maybe you’ll wind up with a haunted forest front porch!

To add a little more shimmer, spray paint branches metallic colors and dust with glitter.


woman on porch in front of a gauze covered ghost that is hanging on door

There’s more than one way to decorate a door. Think beyond the wreath and try something different like a skeleton or broom. Signs are also fun for front doors.

Want to make a quick and easy witch’s broom? Choose a long branch that’s relatively straight (look around your yard). Gather thin twigs in a bunch. Tie around the bottom of the branch using rope or twine.

Share your spellbinding tricks – black text on a white background.
woman dressed as a witch beckoning you to come near

There are so many ways to create a haunted front door. In the end, it’s about working with the space you have. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a few lights, old boxes and some branches will do the trick. Share your haunted door in the comments below!

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