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Think Outside the Wreath – 4 Seasons

Gone Camping DIY Front Door Sign

Think Outside the Wreath:
Front Door Wreath Alternatives for All Seasons!

Are you ready to stretch some creative decorating muscles? Wreaths are the standard go-to piece for stylish front doors. But there’s more than one way to make a decorating statement. Consider new wreath ideas–and throw out the wreath!


Quick, when we say spring what is the first thing that “springs” to mind? Green grass and tulips perhaps? Brainstorming new ideas should begin with quick questions and intuitive answers. Jot down thoughts and maybe consider making a mood board on Pinterest or old-school style with magazine cutouts and paint samples.
Fortunately, Mother Nature usually provides a clear color palette. For spring, use succulents and mosses to create a rainbow of green then pile on more color.

woman hanging spring foliage and tulip wreath on door

A hanging basket or orb makes a great wreath alternative. Turn it upside down and line with chicken wire then add mosses. Fill the back with floral foam blocks. Secure using floral wire. Now the fun begins! Create your arrangement using natural and faux materials.

woman placing a foam block in metal wire flower basket
woman showing back of wreath filled with floral foam blocks


Are you a happy camper, or just a camper? Ah, the romance of pitching a tent in the great outdoors, cooking over an open fire and roasting marshmallows (we’ll just forget the mosquitoes, bugs, heat and public outhouses for now). Everyone has their own favorite summer hobbies. Here in Wisconsin, camping is practically a way of life. So we got crafty with some plain plyboard, a birdhouse and even marshmallows!

Gone Camping DIY Front Door Sign

Cover a board with a plastic tablecloth. Add your main elements–in this case, a funky camper birdhouse! A quick walk around a park or your house is good for collecting branches, acorns and more natural accents. And get creative with adding details like s’mores. Spray polyurethane over graham crackers and chocolate pieces. Use furniture stain to create “toasted” marshmallows before adding the polyurethane. This technique can work with other perishable or non-outdoor items. Show us your ideas in the comments below!

woman stapling red and white gingham material on board
woman applying roasted marshmallows to camping themed wreath


Autumn is a veritable cornucopia of fruits, vegetables and color. So let’s create a deconstructed cornucopia door hanger!

woman with basket wreath with sunflowers gourds and fall décor

Baskets make great wreath alternatives. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. There’s one for every budget and style. You probably have a couple stuffed in the back of a closet or lying around the house. Dust them off and use them! We like tobacco baskets because they are long and flat with lots of surface area. But use what you have. Forage natural and faux elements to create a vibrant arrangement in your basket. Weave in ribbon and add a sign. It’s that easy!

use twine to tie décor to wood basket
wood basket filled with gourds and fall décor to create a wreath


When it comes to creating unique door decor, look no further than the mudroom or garage! Give battered and bruised sports gear a new life as decorating props. What’s even better? The more worn the gear, the more character it exudes. So use it before you trash it.

More winter door decorations inspiration.

woman adds pinecones to winter wreath consisting of flocked evergreens red and white ribbon and wooden snow shoes

Snowshoes are one of my favorite winter decorations. I prop them against a wall, hang them up and today I’m using them to create a wintry arrangement. Old skis and sleds are also fun. Just rummage around in your sports equipment or check out a local thrift store or flea markets.

woman dipping pinecone in white paint to create a flocked look

Transform ordinary pinecones using white acrylic paint. Dip the edges in the paint for a snowy effect. A little glitter makes them glisten. Tie ribbons around them for hanging or attach with floral wire or strong glue.

woman using wire to create hanger for wreath

What is your favorite wreath-free door hanger? Do you have an original composition? Share your thoughts, ideas and tips in the comments below!

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