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Big Decorating Ideas for Small Living Rooms

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It’s Easy to Make the Most of Your Small Living Room!

If your main living space feels space-challenged, there are a few sitting room decorating ideas and interior design tricks that can help you make the most of your smaller space. And remember to enjoy all the built-in positives of a smaller space – it’s more intimate, easier to keep uncluttered and takes fewer pieces of décor or furniture to make an impact. Embrace your small living room space!

What you need to know about how to set up furniture in a small living room.

How to arrange a small living room (when the dining room is right next to it!)

Does your living room and dining room share the same general space? Help define each area with the accessories that you choose.

  • A large area rug in your living room can help provide a visual cue about where that room begins and ends.
  • Hang a set of sheer curtains significantly higher than your window frame to make the room feel taller and the sheer fabric feels light and airy, rather than heavy and confining.
  • Let one large piece of artwork provide the visual focus for the room. Consider a bold or colorful canvas print positioned over the most significant piece of furniture, like your sofa.
  • Add light to a dark corner with an attractive floor lamp, and consider anchoring your sofa with light on both sides.
  • Place your conversation area so that when seated, your guests will look away from the dining area. We have even more ideas to make your space bigger.

Decorating Small Sitting Rooms
Second Room SceneBrocade Slipcover, Palmer Mirror, Crystal Swag Lamp, Pom Pom Throw, Applique Bird PillowHome Sign, Crushed Voile Panels, Cirrus Swag Rug

Decorating small sitting rooms (so they still look stylish and inviting!)

Ever wondered how to arrange a small living room? A small space has plenty of opportunities to make a big impact. Try these easy decorating tips and living room layout ideas.

  • Move furniture off the walls, and “float” your furniture in the center of the room. This gives the illusion that your room is bigger than it seems and can make it feel oasis-like.
  • Anchor your conversation seating area with a large area rug topped off with an eye-catching storage coffee table that looks great and provides much-needed storage that a small space usually needs.
  • Reinvent your space as quickly as you can throw a slipcover over your sofa. Try a lighter color to open up the mood of the room.
  • Add reflective surfaces, such as a round mirror or a glass table. These let the light flow and reflect and give your room an airy quality.
  • When your room’s footprint doesn’t allow for a traditional bookcase, utilize your wall space by hanging a cabinet or wall shelf.
  • Open up the space with a new wall color idea. A fresh coat of paint in an airy shade of pale blue or creamy white and make the room feel larger than it is.

Looking for a few more affordable decorating ideas? We have you covered.

Looking for more living room décor inspiration?

Take a look around at all the living room furniture and accessories featured on our site that are ideal for a small living room. We’re certain that you will discover something that fits your space perfectly!


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4 thoughts on “Big Decorating Ideas for Small Living Rooms

  1. Decorating dining cum living room and if the space is also small is really a tough task. For this, a creative mind required who can think out of the box as you did. The ideas you share are really awesome, especially the idea I like most is the use of storage coffee table. It is really a unique idea because you have small space and by using these type of things you can utilize your space more efficiently.

    1. Really happy you enjoyed the article, John – Thanks for commenting!

  2. You toched on how to incorporate a living/dining room… How about the construction from the 70s that did this in the front room; I’m trying to put a more up to date look into it now… I’d love to see a large rectangle room decorating ideas article on here. I love Country Door, and will follow the advice! …for sure! I’ve tried everything… Oh, and did I mention I have a large sectional in there? haha… It’s gorgeous, and is not the usual recliner type. It’s nice! Any ideas would be well appreciated!

    1. Thank you for commenting. We’ll definitely pass your question on to our interior designers to address in future articles.

      Without seeing the layout of the rooms with the placement of windows and doors, the scale of the furniture, and seeing your personal decorating style, it is difficult to make a recommendation. However, large rectangular rooms are often best approached by breaking the room down into smaller function areas. You can anchor the rooms with beautiful area rugs. This Rug Buying Guide will help you pick the right size of rug for your rooms.

      You may want to reach out to a trusted girlfriend or a local interior decorator to give you an extra set of eyes in determining the best approach for creating the separation of the two spaces.

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