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Put It in Neutral With These Interior Decorating Ideas

Put It in Neutral With These Interior Decorating Ideas

Decorate With Neutral Tones

A neutral color palette doesn’t have to be full of boring beiges and little personality. In fact, a neutral color base can be the foundation for a chic, beautiful room with lots of room for interpretation. Its muted color scheme provides a harmonious base to play with textures, tones and strategic color placement.

Show Off Details

Neutral furniture pieces that feature special decorative elements get a little more of the spotlight when they aren’t competing with a visual mix of color and styles. Take a tufted loveseat in creamy ivory or a riveted beige ottoman. Those little details now seem to pop even more against a neutral background.

Storage Tower

Turn on the Texture

Choose accent pieces within your neutral palette, from ivory and bone to beige and gray, and let the texture of the piece take center stage, like with the weathered edge of a rustic storage tower, a distressed, shabby chic style wall shelf, or a subtle pattern in an area rug.

Swivel Stools

Embrace Grays

If your idea of neutral colors ends at the range of beige, think again. Grays offer a wide range of color options that blend well with the rest of your neutral palette, and if you want to try something other than beige, then gray works beautifully. Try adding gray in subtle ways, such as with a pair of swivel stools near your kitchen counter or in a collection of gray-framed artwork on your wall.

Entryway Bench

Find Color Opportunities

One of the best things about a neutral decor is when it offers up little moments to add a pop of color. Add a colorful throw pillow on a rustic, beige upholstered entryway bench or a bold colored ceramic bowl and fill it with apples on a wood accent table. The color is striking against the neutral background and requires just the lightest of touch to make it all work.

Wall Art

Extend the Look

It can be easy to get caught up in furniture choices, accent pieces and area rugs, but don’t forget those walls too. Try a trio of complementary paint colors for your walls to add visual interest to accent walls and trim. Smooth gray looks fresh and chic when paired with a crisp white trim color. And don’t forget wall art. Choose pieces that support your neutral theme with natural backgrounds and textures.

Wall Sconce

Add the Glow

Strategic lighting will only enhance your neutral theme by adding illumination and glow to your space. Consider a pair of wall sconce lights to frame your conversation area, or hang a crystal swag light to bring light to a corner and add a touch of elegance to the neutral look.

How did you navigate neutral territory?

Share your neutral decorating success story with us, whether it’s how you used an all-white approach or mixed up your beiges with style, we would love to hear your insight in the comment section below.

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