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Explore a Global Design Style

Global Inspired Décor Can Be Yours With These Interior Design Ideas

When your daily routine doesn’t take you to faraway lands or exotic locales, you can still satisfy your quest for a global design style when you incorporate international home decor. This is not for the faint of heart. There is not an overabundance of subtle neutrals going on here. Instead, look to your room to come to life with vibrant color and an eclectic mix of patterns.

Global Inspired Decor

When you decide to take a global design approach to your room, you should plan on embracing a wide array of colors and patterns. That is the overarching theme to this style. Don’t worry about things matching as much as furniture, textures and colors all mixing into a unique experience. Count on your room looking nothing like anyone else’s; it will most certainly be unique.


Saturate the Color

From the Far East to exotic islands, color plays an integral part in communicating this style. Deep, saturated and vibrant colors are necessary to create the look. Jewel-toned hues like amethyst and sapphire, spice market saffron, curry, radiant greens. The more color there is to play with, the better.

Pattern on Pattern

Where some style approaches are careful about how they mix patterns together, the global style embraces lots of patterns next to each other and layered often. Duvet sets in the bedroom are likely to layer an intricate pattern on top, alongside a radiating, jewel-toned satin blanket and a smattering of multi-patterned pillows.  Find inspiration in colorful mosaics, beautiful batiks and native American prints.


Set the Table

The global style extends beautifully into the dining room where colorful dinnerware in intricate patterns can bring your table to life. Pair it with vibrant colored glassware and coordinating linens for a complete look. Play with innovative approaches to centerpieces that bring out the international flavor.


Indulge With Texture

Fabric and texture seem to be natural partners with the bold vibrant colors of this global style. Look for luxurious fabrics, like satin and velvet, to play well with shag area rugs, an ornate hanging tapestry or breezy panel curtains. As a side note, the addition of an element of shine and/or shimmer will look right along with those pretty fabric choices.


Completing the Look

Dark woods and ornately carved accent pieces complement the global look. Arched headboards in the bedroom along with unique living room cabinets and ambient lighting will create a relaxing, exotic mood that channels the vacation explorer inside you.

large area rugs

Prepare to Be Floored

When you’re ready to bring a global flair to your room, a perfect place to start is with a large area rug in an Eastern style. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from, it can be daunting. Start by looking at the appropriate size rug for your room, then hone in on the general color palette that feels right. Finally, look for a pattern that is interesting and eye-catching without feeling overwhelming.

Go Global

Even if you’re only an armchair traveler, when the global design style calls, you must answer. We can help you along your journey with our complete collection of furnishings and international home decor accent pieces that can bring the global design style to life in your home.

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