Get Inspired with These 6 Design Styles for Your Home

Ready to try a new look? Whether you want to give one room a makeover, or transform your whole house with a new look, we’ve gathered together popular decorating styles to provide you inspiration. See which ones you gravitate toward and then make it your own. Remember the first rule of interior design is to listen to your own inner voice, then take it from there!

Transitional-Style Decor

Transitional Style Decor

When you want a look that bridges the traditional with the modern, this is the design style for you. Strong neutrals are punctuated with a few bold colors to feel fresh and modern. Leather furniture fits in nicely here along with interesting geometric-shaped side tables and patterned accent pieces. Transitional style decor is perfect for someone who wants to take a few of their favorite pieces and intermingle them with modern touches.transitional style decorating
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Farmhouse Decor

When you want the charm and welcoming style of the country, but still have a firm foothold in urban sensibilities, then look no further than farmhouse decor. Refurbished, distressed wood finishes are one of its hallmarks. Also look for galvanized metals, chicken wire cubby shelving, seeded glass and hanging steel pendant lighting.

Farmhouse style decorating
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Romantic Decor

Today’s romantic style has a distinctive sophistication. Romantic bedrooms feature layers of luxurious textures and fabrics. Pretty mirrors, tufted upholstery and soft, delicate color palettes make this an alluring style. Lighting plays a starring role in the romantic decor style, so be sure to add sconces, glass table lamps and elegant chandeliers for the perfect finishing touch.

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Modern Decor

Think of modern decor as high-contrast sophistication that still manages to feel warm and casual. Solid whites and creamy neutrals partner up with rich grays and sleek blacks for a distinctively modern edge. Metallic accents look perfect here, and sophisticated patterns, such as geometric prints, fit right in. Find your upholstery inspiration from mid-century or even art deco options.

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Natural-Home Decor

Natural Home Decor

Invite the outdoors inside with a botanical mix of greens, blues, browns and tans. Organic shapes and textures, such as bamboo, sisal, rattan and satin all feel right in this trend. Dark woods and large, oversized mirrors add reflective elements that complement the natural flavor. Be sure to add hanging plants, terrariums or grass-filled vases to showcase the best of Mother Nature.

Nature-Inspired style decorating

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Global Decor

When you want to bring the intrigue and beauty of faraway exotic locales to your home, then take this global trend to heart. Embrace saturated colors and patterns, from mesmerizing mosaics to beautiful batiks to eclectic far eastern elements. Use accent pieces with interesting details to bring the look together. The more eclectic, the better.

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Discover your distinct style.

Look for more inspiration in our Decorating Ideas section and start making a new look for your home!