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Modern Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Modern Interior Design Can Be Yours With These Inspirational Design Ideas

Today’s idea of modern style has a distinctive mood, color palette and form. Whether you want to bring that modern look to just one room with a makeover, or you want to integrate it into every room of your home, we have the design inspiration to get you started.

Small Desk

Embracing the Mood

When you think about what the idea of modern means, you might think of slick surfaces, sharp edges and stark color palettes. But today’s definition of modern style is decidedly different. It evokes a tone that is much warmer and inviting. Comfort plays a factor whereas modern trends in the past may not have felt quite as welcoming.

Ladder Shelf

Layer the Color

Sophisticated color combinations of high contrast black and white will always feel edgy and modern. Start there, but warm it up by layering in multiple tones of warmer whites. Take down solid black by bringing in a softer charcoal shade. Next, add pops today’s bold color trends, like lemonade yellows, vibrant oranges and spring greens.


Pattern Play

This modern look is not the place to play with florals and earthy patterns. Instead, embrace sophisticated designs and textures. Geometric patterns, like chevron stripes, hexagons or oversized polka dots play well here. Fabric textures also add an element of interest when you stick to a prescribed approach to your pattern/texture combination. Try mixing the two here with accent pillows.


Be Reflective

Just as metallic accents make a great complement to the modern look, so do reflective surfaces. Glass-topped accent tables, mirrored surfaces and decorative wall mirrors look right at home.


Heavy Metal

With this well-defined color palette, what makes the best accent hue? Try no color at all; instead aim for metallic decorative pieces to provide your perfect complement. Look from inspiration from plaited gold-tone frames, rubbed chrome finishes and platinum-edged tables.


Contemporary Living Rooms

Remember the slick, hard-edged lines of previous modern trends? Now, you can take a cue from that linear look, but warm it up. Choose mid-century style furniture that has a linear approach and feel, but look for welcoming fabrics, like velvet or suede. Or find a way to soften the edge with a pair of contrasting comfy accent chairs or a fluffy upholstered stool for your hallway’s sleek small desk.


Modern Romance

Take the modern design approach into the bedroom with bedding collections that mirror the trend both in color palette and texture. Here is the perfect place to paint an accent wall in a deep rich charcoal hue, then pile on the accent pillows with color. Choose wall art that pops off the darker background and highlights the contrasting nature of the design colors.

Go Modern

This is only the beginning. Check out our complete collection of furnishings and accent pieces that can bring the modern design style to life in your home.

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