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Define Your Space With Living Room Rugs

5 Tips for Adding Floor Rugs to Your Room’s Décor

Do you ever find yourself looking at your living room and feeling like something is missing? Check again. Do you have an area rug? If not, that might be just what your room needs to tie the entire look together. Large area rugs have an ingenious way of anchoring your conversation area and playing a major supporting role in making your style come to life. Plus, the living room is a natural place to add an area rug because it tends to be a focal point in your home where you spend a lot of time. Rugs add an instant level of welcoming comfort. Check out these tips and tricks on how to decorate with living room rugs from our top designers.

Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs

Choose Wisely

The number one thing that you should keep in mind when adding a rug to your room is your lifestyle. Do you have a large family with a lot of traffic through your space? How do pets factor into your daily living? An indoor outdoor area rug can be the answer when you want to be able to handle the wear and tear while looking stylish.

area rugs for living room

Be Bold

When the rest of your room lives in a neutral zone in terms of color and texture, consider an area rug that packs a little more punch in its pattern or hue. It can be just the right place to add an unexpected element. Imagine an all-white room with a zebra-striped rug. Or a room with a few shades of tan and then a bold red rug in the center.

Floor Rugs

Tone Down

To the contrary, floor rugs in a neutral color and subtle pattern can serve as a balancing element to a room with lots of color and texture going on. The key is to strike the right balance.

living room rugs

Keep It Comfy

When it comes to living room rugs, there are plenty of textures to consider. When you plan on spending lots of time on the floor (like if you have toddlers) you may want to consider an ultra-comfortable shag rug to make your floor time the best it can be.

floor rugs

Be Artistic

Think of an area rug like art for your floor. The pattern you choose can add a distinctive element to your space, from fresh florals to oriental elegance to timeless designs. Think about how the sunlight will highlight its pattern throughout the day or how your room’s lighting will accent its pattern. Who knew a living rug could be such a major design player!

Size It Right

Not sure what size of area rug you need for your living room? This area rug size guide will help you choose the best rugs to suit your home.

Ready to Make Your Room Bigger?

Now that you have your area rug figured out, see how you can make your whole living room feel bigger. We have seven design tips to inspire you to create a more spacious living room.

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My rental of the last 6 yrs. has cheap indoor/outdoor carpeting. Large (and small) area rugs have settled my heart when any/all of my 3 grandsons come to visit and play! What Country Door recommends is SPOT ON!

Hi Marty, Thanks for your comment! We are happy our recommendations are helpful!

What if there is carpet everywhere and it’s still good? can you do rug on carpet?

Yes, you can use rugs with existing carpet. When picking a rug, make sure that the colors in the rug both complement the color of the carpet and the room’s overall color scheme. To help with wrinkling and shifting, consider using a rug-on-carpet pad made specifically to keep rugs in place on carpet.

Awesome great ideas

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