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8 Easy Ways to Add Geometric Home Décor

Follow These Interior Design Tips To Add Geometrics To Your Home Decor

The bold look of geometric prints provides a decorative style that can be both striking and versatile. Designers have embraced these classic shapes thanks to their ability to transition beautifully into a living space: hexagons, diamonds, chevrons, quatrefoils, stripes and the Greek key pattern. Don’t be intimidated by bold, geometric home décor. Follow these inside tips to bring it into your home and add a fresh new look to your space.

Think Small

A little can go a long way, so take it slow the first time out of the decorating gate. See where you can add in a geometric print in small doses. Add a matching set of geometric ottomans in a fresh new hue in your conversation area.

Geometric Pillows

Toss It Around

The perfectly designed element of a geometric print looks great when tossed around in your space. Throw a pair or two of matching geometric pillows across couches or on beds. Play with color, but try to stick with only one pattern if you want to mix and match. If you choose a hexagon shape, then you can have multiple colors of hexagons, even different sizes of pattern- but stay true to one pattern to avoid overpowering the space.


Bottom Up

Because geometric patterns can carry a hefty amount of visual weight to your room’s ambiance, consider showing off your favorite geometric pattern in just one key piece – and there is no better piece than a large area rug. Let a geometric rug tie together your room’s color palette, or add texture to an otherwise solid-colored room. This is one of the best ways to add that proverbial pop of color and pattern all in one powerful punch.


Deck the Walls

There is a wide range of decorating options when it comes to your walls and how you can incorporate geometric prints there. For a subtle approach, hang a set of geometric wall décor on solid color walls. You will instantly get all the benefit of that fabulous geometric design with just a few pieces. Want a more dramatic effect? Try wallpapering an entire accent wall or room with your favorite pattern.


Shed Some Light

That plain lampshade you’ve had forever is just begging for a makeover and this poses one of the best ways to add a geometric element in a way that is beautiful without being too overwhelming. Hang a geometric pendant light in a corner to bring visual interest that shines.


Frame the Way

Just as a lovely garden gate or framed print lends a geometric cue to the space or the view, so does a set of geometric pattern curtains. Frame your room’s windows with a gorgeous trellis print to set a lovely tone. Add a solid color alongside the pattern if you want to balance the weight of the pattern.


Go to Bed

When you want to make a complete shift in your bedroom, add geometric bedding with a bold oversized quilt or comforter set. The look is fresh and modern and when you stay within your room’s current color palette, it is a fabulous way to bring a new look to the room.

Think Big

On the other hand, when you are feeling bold, consider going big with your geometric choice. Choose a large focal point, such as the sofa in your living room or the headboard in your master bedroom, to showcase your favorite pattern.

Need more inspiration?

This is only the beginning. We have plenty of home décor ideas that can help you add the distinctive look of geometric prints throughout your home.

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Thank you for the post! I will start with rugs and pillow cases, and then work my way up to the curtains. I loved the ideas and how the blog is full of them! Keep it up!

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