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Interior Design Ideas: Jewel Tones

This Fall, Embrace A Warm Jewel-Toned Color Scheme With These Interior Design Ideas

Royal, luxurious, vibrant… these are all ways to describe jewel tones, and that’s only the beginning. These rich hues seem like a perfect fit for the cooler months of fall and winter and bring their own special radiance to any room. Whether you dive in with a saturation of color, or go more understated by pairing jewel tones with neutrals, these eye-catching gems of color are a lovely way to decorate your home.

Turn Up the Star Power

Like a red-carpet affair, jewel tones seem to instantly up the luxury quotient to any room. And where better to add a touch of luxury but in the bedroom? Layer complementary tones of sapphire, amethyst and topaz within a duvet set, bed coverings and sheets. Consider a metallic as a nice accent color as well.

Decorative Storage Baskets

Unexpected Color

Try adding in a jewel tone where you least expect it, like in a trio of decorative storage baskets or in drawer pulls or stained glass lamp. It can be a perfect way to add the touch of jewel tones in a subtle way.

Autumn Wreath

Hang It Up

Let fall’s foliage add a touch of jewel-toned color, like garnet red or imperial topaz to give your home a distinctive flair. An autumn wreath looks inviting when hung on your front door or near the foyer. Hang one inside a window in your guest room to add a welcoming touch.

Egyptian-Cotton Sheets

Sleep on It

You’ll feel like royalty when you drift off into dreamland on Egyptian cotton damask striped sheets in a stunning emerald green hue. Layer on a few complementary hues, such as amethyst or sapphire and accent with gold to make your bedroom feel like it’s fit for a king.


Drop the Accent

When you only want to add that vibrant pop of jewel tone color in a few places, let your accent pieces do all the heavy lifting. An oversized glass sapphire vase on your dining room table feels like a work of art when set alone. A vibrant topaz wall accent brings character to a room. A smattering of lush amethyst throw pillows makes a sofa feel luxurious. A set of rich ruby velvet curtains stylishly frames any window frame. Any of these can add an eye-catching element to your décor without overpowering it.

Floor Rugs

Floor Them

Floor rugs in a vibrant jewel tone brings focus to a conversation area and instantly adds color and mood to your room. This look is wonderful in a room dominated by neutral whites and tans, then throw a vibrant rug to take center stage.

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Floor rugs are very important while we are decorating our house. It is very important To choose some great rugs and carpets when it comes to design the interiors. Along with this, the color combination is really very important to give a premium look the house. Thanks for sharing some great tips and Ideas.

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