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Winter Decorating – Beyond Christmas

Country Winter Decor

5 Easy Tips for After-Christmas Decorating

You spent hours and dollars creating a winter wonderland and wake up December 26 to find all those bows and Santas yesterday’s news. But before you rush through the house in a de-decorating frenzy, think about RE-decorating for winter using what you have.

Believe it or not, there’s a few easy ways to transition from Christmas to winter décor without packing every wreath and ornament away.

Neutrual Decor That Works All Year Long

Take Out the Color

The holidays are a nostalgic, emotion-filled assault on our senses. Deep, rich colors like Christmas reds surround us for weeks. After all the hustle, simplifying your surroundings comes as a welcome respite. Start by taking out the color – leaving neutral whites and metallics behind.

DIY Tip: This is a great opportunity to “refresh” floral arrangements, wreaths and garlands with new stems. Or use what you have: spray paint old, unused silk flowers white and sprinkle with glitter.

Money-Saving Hint: Cruise the thrift stores after Christmas. Lots of florals and arrangements wind up there. Or check out dollar stores. Decorating updates don’t have to break the bank.

Lit Porch Tree
Lit Porch Tree

You Can Keep the Tree

The day after Christmas spells instant death for old Tannenbaum. But why? Winter’s landscape is marked by beautiful, snow-covered firs and pines. Keep the tree. Take off all the ornaments and just leave the lights.

DIY Tip: For a quick, unexpected twist-drape cotton batting on tree branches to resemble snow. Replace your Christmas tree skirt with cotton batting.

Money-Saving Hint: Using your tree longer means you get more for your money.

Red Berry Bush
Red Berry Bush

Go Natural

The glitter and glitz is past. January is a quiet, reflective month. Create a calming environment using natural elements like pinecones, twigs and pine boughs. Celebrate the season’s snowy white palette punctuated by evergreens and muted colors. You’ll appreciate the calm after December’s storm!

DIY Tip: Take a winter walk to gather pinecones and twigs. Bundle large branches together with twine and use to decorate your front porch. Melt leftover candle wax and dip pinecones – use for firestarters.

Money-Saving Tip: Let Mother Nature provide the supplies. Dried grasses and flowers can be bundled for next to nothing.

Outdoor Home Lighting
Tree Forest, 3 Snowflake String Lights, Holiday Cardinal Outdoor Pillow, Lighted White Birch Trees

Keep the Lights On

The days are short and the nights are long. It’s a darker time of year. Keep the lights on around your house. Lighted garlands, wreaths and outdoor décor add a welcome, inviting glow we need all winter long.

DIY Tip: Neighbors throwing out their trees? Gather a few, stake them in your front yard and cover in lights for a magical wintry forest.

Money-Saving Hint: Use the after-Christmas sales to stock up on lights.

Bedroom Decor for After Christmas
Oriana Oversized Quilt, Winter Forest Lantern, Tree Forest

Neutralize Your Bedroom

At the end of the day, it’s all about going to bed in peace. Take a good look around your bedroom. Remove colors and patterns and replace with neutral whites, taupes and grays. Organize, purge and simplify nightstands.

DIY Tip: Pot some fresh lavender and rosemary. The sight and smell is the perfect pick-me-up for wintry nights. You can even throw a few sprigs in the bath.

Money-Saving Hint: Use white spray paint to update baskets, vases and containers without buying new.

7 thoughts on “Winter Decorating – Beyond Christmas

  1. I was interested in purchasing the table runner with a bear on each end. I have not been able to find it. please tell me where to look.

    1. Dear Joan, Unfortunately our Fur Bear Canvas Runner is no longer available. Here are some of our other table runners if you’d like to take a look.

  2. I need some ideas on how to decorate a fireplace mantrel

    1. Gloria, thank you for your comment. Get inspired by nature and decorate a holiday mantel by hanging a beautiful wreath above the mantel. Pre-lit garland, illuminated lanterns, reindeer, and gold Christmas ornaments (suspended from the mantel with thumb tacks) come together to create a beautiful Christmas mantel display.
      For a rustic Christmas, look cover your mantel with pre-lit garland and tuck in pinecones, acorns and red berry sprays. Fill vintage lanterns with pinecones, berries and pre-lit candles. Snowy owls, a wreath, and colorful stockings help to create a festive fireplace mantel.

  3. Nooooo, I love my neons and rainbows and vibrant colors and patterns, especially in my bedroom! Not that I don’t love darks and neutrals too, I mix and balance everything that’s awesome, but…I really would not want to change my eclectic style.

  4. I am looking for the black hall tree—NC752971. and can’t seem to find it. Can you help me?

    1. Hi Rudie,

      Unfortunately we don’t carry this particular hall tree anymore. Please see the link below for more options on entryway organizers and hall trees.

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