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A multicolor floral quilt with reversible blue and white back, white sheets, a seagrass headboard, and bird canvases.

Cozy Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Even when the weather outside is frightful, inside can be a warm and cozy welcome retreat, especially when you add just the right touches. Take some time to turn your guest room into a bed-and-breakfast worthy space that will delight your guests and add a special touch to their stay. Use these bedroom decorating ideas to get a cozy, comfortable look in your guest room.

Create a Cozy Guest Room

Decorating With Quilts

Pile on the Blankets

Make your guests feel right at home with a generously sized quilt that complements your guest room’s decor. You don’t want your guest to spend their night wishing they knew where the extra blankets are stashed. Instead have plenty of extra covers on hand by adding a quilt to the foot of the bed and an extra throw over a nearby chair. Add a few heavier options in an easy-to-spot place in the closet.

Decorative Throw

Encourage spontaneous snuggling with a warm decorative throw tossed across a guest chair or sofa. A few richly colored toss decorative pillows nearby are always a good idea too!

A good overnight host always ensures their guests have fresh, clean bedding. Review these tips for washing a comforter at home.


Plump the Pillows

Everyone has their own favorite kind of pillow: from super soft to extra firm and everything in between. Add plenty of pillow choices to the bed in an array of complementary pillowcases and shams.


Add Some Light

Don’t ask your guests to rely solely on an overhead light. Making your home warm and inviting isn’t just about turning up the thermostat, it also means adding to the ambiance with sufficient illumination. Add a bedroom table lamp on the bedside table, or position a hanging lamp or floor lamp in a corner near a sitting area. This gives your guest options and provides a better chance to create ambiance in the room. Or, give the soft glow of candlelight in a lantern.

Room Darkening Window Drapes

Cover Up Windows

Since guest rooms don’t get much everyday use, window coverings can easily get forgotten. Hang a pair of airy bedroom curtains that still let the light in, but add just enough coverage and privacy. Something light and neutral will complement almost any decorative theme you decide on and offers the greatest versatility when you want to change things up. If windows face the rising sun in the east,  the addition of room darkening window drapes will let your guests sleep in.

Braided Area Rug

Padded Landing

Give everyone’s toes a soft place to land with a lush shag or braided area rug. Adding a rug to any room enhances its warmth, adds color and even improves your room’s acoustics.

Bird Tabletop Clock

Enhance the Bedroom with Extras

Every guest room needs a few bare necessities, like a clock and a set of towels. This is where you can up the luxury quotient. Choose a decorative tabletop clock instead of an electronic digital one. And when it comes to towels, only thick and luxurious ones will do for the guest room. Be sure to keep them just for guests!

A selection of toiletries in the guest bath and a small bouquet of flowers on the bedside table are perfect little ways to make your guest feel right at home – or even a little pampered. A few chilled water bottles and dish of candies on the nightstand are just a few ways that you can make them feel like they are truly welcome and special. A luggage rack keeps guests from guessing where to put their suitcase. Pick one that folds up for easy year-round storage.

Clean Out the Closet

Guest room closets are notorious for being your go-to place for all those things that don’t belong anywhere else in the house. As far in advance as possible, use your guests’ impending arrival as your reason to clean and organize the closet and make room for your guests’ belongings. The will appreciate being able to hang their clothes and stash belongings out of the way.

Make it easy for guests to get settled by adding a shelf with hooks to hang their sweater or jacket. Be sure to clear clutter off dresser tops and have drawers empty and ready for them to use.

Mauve, black and white comforter set with a beige glazed side table, gray shag area rug, and a sheer gray curtain.

Looking for more cozy bedroom décor ideas?

There are so many ideas and inspiration for bedding, furniture, and accessories featured on our site. Start here to make your guest bedroom  the most cozy bedroom in the house!

Done Decorating the Bedroom? On to the Living Room!

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I need help with the. Master bedroom, I have a wicker rod iron queen size rod iron post for a canopy.I have your Williamsburg white comforter with shams . All the bedroom furniture is wicker and rod iron I even have the wicker settee and rod iron quilt rack I need help with how to finish it ! I would like either county or farmhouse. Please help!!!

Betty, thank you for commenting and sharing your decorating dilemma. With the white comforter with shams, the rod iron bedframe and the wicker furniture, you’ve got a great foundation for creating a charming country farmhouse bedroom. As a first step, you need to think about your color palette. What colors are in your home? What accent colors would you like to introduce into your bedroom? Next, think about the ways you add these accent colors into your bedroom. This may include adding an area rug, curtains, throw pillows, wall décor or accents. You could frame your windows in cascading ruffled paneled curtains. Decorative throw pillows in your color palette with a variety of textures like lace accents; appliqués, buttons or fringe will add a pop of color to your bed. A few decorative accents like candles, a floral natural twig wreath and a cut-pile rug in complementing hues provide the finishing touches to your country farmhouse bedroom.

when I phoned in to order my daffodil yellow braided rug 3 wks ago, the girl at your company said, no, the price is ten dollars MOre THAN I SAW ON THIS COMPUTER SITE, I ORDERED IT ANYWAY, BUT I FEEL ITS WRONG OF COUNTRY DOOR TO PUT ON FAKE LOWER PRICES, ON COMPUTER. YR 2015. APRIL.

Hi Nancy, can you please email us your information to We’d like to take a closer look at your order.

Where can I find the lt. yellow floral comforter and shams shown under Decorating Tips & Ideas and the date February 28th, 2015 on your website?

Hi Ana, thank you for your comment. You can find all of our quilts and comforters by following this link: If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-659-6473

where can I find the canvases of the birds shown on page 76 under Inspiring ideas in your catalog?

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