Shift Into A Neutral Zone With These Neutral Living Room Ideas

In a world filled with constant distractions and noise, a neutral-filled room can be a welcome sanctuary and set the mood for a tranquil retreat. Best of all, this easy-on-the eyes approach helps us focus on the people and conversation going on in the room. A neutral look is far from boring and creates an easy simple elegance. Country Door’s interior design experts make decorating with neutrals easy. Learn how to bring a neutral color palette into focus in your home with these six interior design tips.

Neutral color palette

There is actually a wide range of neutrals to consider, from deep browns to welcoming tans to warm whites. Use warm whites in trim and window ledges against a darker shade on your walls to create that look of casual elegance. Choose two or three shades that complement each other and then see how they can work together in your room, from fabric in your furniture, to window treatments to accents.

Texture over pattern

If patterns can sometimes feel like you’re yelling, then look at texture as a way to feel more like a whisper. You don’t need wild bold prints to make your own unique statement. Natural textures from wood grain, glass and stone support the simple neutral look, such as the living room table shown here. Fabrics get extra attention, like the airiness of a linen curtain or a naturally woven area rug. The delicate nature of crushed voile window coverings complements a neutral color palette beautifully.

Keep the flow

Your rooms can flow from one area of your house to the next when you utilize the visual continuity that neutral colors and design bring. Every room doesn’t have to be the same, but an underscore of neutrality makes the whole house feel like it has a cohesiveness.

Get reflective

Promote the open elegance of your neutral room by adding an accent mirror or two to the walls. Their reflective surfaces give the impression that the room is bigger than it is and less constraining.

Elegant lighting

Neutral design elements get a boost with a sophisticated accent piece like a crystal chandelier. The crystals add a touch of shine but stay in that same neutral zone.

Right frame of mind

Nature-inspired framed wall art can add just the right accent without overpowering the room. A series of related images easily creates a pulled-together look.

Get the Look

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