7 Easy Steps to Hang Grommet Curtains

If you browse through the window treatments section at your local home decorating store, don’t be surprised if you see a substantial selection of grommet-topped curtains. Their crisp lines, modern appeal and affordable price tag have made them a favorite in today’s home décor from the living room to bedroom. Plus, you won’t have to buy additional rings or hooks to hang them with—the hardware is built right in with no rod pockets to thread through. There are a couple different ways to hang grommet curtains. We’ll walk you through a few easy steps to hang them.

But first, create a Pinterest board or folder of magazine cutouts for inspiration. Window styling is a vast, versatile subject. Narrow the field of possibilities with images that inspire you. It’s always better to shop with an idea of what you’re looking for. Print out a picture of your room and take it with you.


  • A tape measure
  • Grommet curtain panels
  • Pole-style grommet curtain rod based on measurement
  • Brackets/drapery hooks and finials for curtain or drapery rod
  • Stepladder
  • Pencil

Read through these steps in advance to learn how to measure for grommet curtains. Take measurements before you purchase your curtain panels and curtain rod. Be sure to measure from the top edge of your window.  Then, see how easy it is to hang grommet curtains in your home. If you’re wondering how to hang grommet curtains with sheers, simply buy a grommet double rod and use the same measurements for the sheers. 

STEP 1: Measure the width of your window.

Once you have the width of your window frame, double it to know how wide your grommet curtains should be. If you were to only get the width of the window, it would look like a solid piece of fabric hanging in front of the window. By doubling the width you will have plenty of fabric to hang in neat, long pleats. Styling tip: iron the fabric to create sharp pinch pleats.

STEP 2: Determine your curtain rod length.

What size rod do you need for your grommet curtains? Since you already know the width of your window, just add an additional 8 inches to that measurement for single windows or an additional 14 inches for double windows. The additional length allows for space on each side of the window for the fabric to hang when it is pulled to the sides. It also creates the illusion of a bigger window.

STEP 3: Determine curtain rod diameter.

Measure the grommet opening on your curtain panels, not including the metal rim, then subtract ½ inch from that number. This is the maximum curtain rod diameter that you can choose. Choose finials that complement your grommet curtain style and room décor.

STEP 4: Determine the number of panels you need.

Make sure that the fullness of your curtains is about twice the width of the window. So if your window is 50” wide, you will want 100” of panel curtains. It is important to keep your window balanced. So if you put two panels on one side, then put two panels on the other side as well.

STEP 5: Measure the height of your window.

How high should you hang your curtains? Using your stepladder and tape measure, measure the distance from the top of your window molding, then go up 2-4 inches. This will be the height of your curtain rod. Keep in mind that the standard length of grommet panels is 84”, although longer lengths are also available. Generally, grommet curtains just go to the floor.

STEP 6: Hang the curtain rod.

Mark the center point where your curtain rod will hang. Install the brackets according to directions. Tip: Use a level to keep the rod straight and even. You might want to enlist the help of a friend for this part.

STEP 7: Thread and arrange the curtains.

Thread the curtain rod through the grommets of each panel. Then hold the curtains rod so the right side of the curtains is facing out. Fasten the curtain to the brackets and screw on the finials to the ends of the curtain rod. Arrange the curtains as desired. Tip: Buy extra panels for more pleats and folds and a richer, luxurious look.

Need more help with measurements?

We have a more in-depth look at how to measure a window for curtainsAs always, share your tips, ideas and questions in the comments below. We’d love to see pictures of your grommet panels!

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