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10 Tips to Make Your Christmas Caroling Merry


Christmas Carol Lyrics are as Important as the Hot Cocoa When You Go Caroling

There are plenty of party themes during the holidays, but only one spreads holiday joy with such musical enthusiasm quite like the quintessential Christmas caroling party. It’s a perfect one to combine guests both young and old together. All you need are some classic songs, warm clothing and tasty holiday treats.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Make sure everyone dresses according to the weather. So when the winter temps are in the chilly range, you’ll want everyone to layer up from their hats to their boots, and don’t forget the mittens! If your caroling adventure has you staying inside or the weather is warm, add Santa hats and reindeer antlers to add a festive flair to your crowd’s ensemble.

Light the Way

Take a cue from Rudolph and grab multiple flashlights for everyone. Those fancy hats with built-in lights come in particularly handy to read song sheets. Younger guests will love glow-in-the-dark necklaces or bracelets and makes them easier to keep track of throughout the evening.

Less Is More

Pick a handful of songs that everyone knows the lyrics. It’s nice to have a few classics that are familiar for everyone, like “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” and a more contemporary option that the kids will embrace, like “Jingle Bell Rock” or “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”

Warm Up

As guests arrive, recruit a musician to lead a few practice runs and let everyone agree on the song list. Have plenty of copies of sheet music to go around. If you have time, print out song lyrics ahead of time and laminate them at your local print store. They will weather the evening better and be ready for next year’s caroling, too.

Fuel Up

Make sure your invitations get everyone at your house with plenty of time to rehearse songs, get bundled up and have something to eat before it’s time to head out. A big steaming pot of soup or chili is easy, hearty fare that guests can ladle up a bowl for themselves when they arrive.

Timing Is Everything

If at all possible, stick to a timeline. When it’s time to go caroling, aim for that window of time that is post-dinner hour, but before children’s bedtime. Depending on the weather and your neighborhood, your group is likely to only last 1-2 hours before they’re ready to head back to the homestead.

Get Everyone Involved

This is a great time to let everyone in the family share in the action, from ringing doorbells, to picking the next song to choosing which street to turn down next. Give everyone a chance to lead the way throughout the evening.

Stay Hydrated

Water bottles and thermoses filled with warm drinks, like hot chocolate or apple cider are good to have along the way. Drink up the warm comfort of hot chocolate, mulled apple cider, or hot tea.

Jingle All the Way

Who couldn’t use a little music accompaniment to those caroling voices? Bring out the sleigh bells, kazoos and tambourines and any handheld instruments that will help your merry band stay on the beat.

Reap the Rewards

After all the singing is done, have plenty of home-baked goodies and warm drinks waiting back at home ready for your hungry crew.

Create Your Own Christmas Traditions

Looking for new ideas on how to create your own Christmas traditions? We have plenty of inspiration for you, and Christmas decorating ideas to complement the season too.

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