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Creative Ways to Stay in Touch Over the Holidays

Celebrate the Importance of Friends and Family this Holiday

Celebrate the Importance of Friends and Family this Holiday

Staying in touch with our friends and family is important and there is no better time to reach out than the holidays. Of course, there is always the requisite holiday card or family newsletter that you can pop in the mail. This year, we have gathered some unique ways to keep in touch whether your loved ones are just down the street or miles apart. See how you can incorporate one or several of these ideas into your schedule this busy holiday season.

Personalized Gifts with Christmas Frames
Christmas Frames

Start an Online Photo Gallery

There are plenty of ways to create family albums online through Shutterfly, Apple photos, Amazon prime photos and Google, just to name a few. Create an album from the last year and invite family members to view the photos and share their own as well. Gather several of the photos to make framed family photos, personalized gifts or to create a family tree throw blanket.

Recipe Roundup – Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

Share Recipes

Everyone loves family recipes, especially this time of year. Start an email recipe thread among family members by sharing one of your family’s favorite holiday recipes, then ask them to share one of their favorites too. Include a few pictures of the completed dishes along the way. You may end up with a holiday cookbook when it is all said and done!

Victorian Carolers

Go Caroling

Plan a neighborhood caroling party. All you need is some song sheets and hot cocoa to get things started. This is an easy one to pull together quickly and get everyone out of the house and bringing smiles to the neighbors. We have a handy guide to get everyone humming along: 10 tips to Make your Christmas Caroling Merry.


Christmas Cookie Exchange

Take and Bake Cookies

A cookie exchange is a wonderful way to get together with friends and family while sharing holiday goodies and extending your Christmas cookie selection in the bargain. We get you started with some easy, but delicious holiday cookie recipes.

Get Crafty

Stop by your local craft store and pick up the supplies for a few simple holiday crafts, then invite a group of friends over for an afternoon of hanging out and crafting. You all will enjoy each other’s company while creating something to celebrate the holidays.

Read a Bedtime Story…Online

Record your family in their holiday jammies reading one of your favorite holiday bedtime stories, then send it off to far-flung family members. Challenge them to send one back to you sometime during the holidays.

Create a Memorable Gift Exchange

This is a fun idea for a group of friends who have a lot of shared memories. Choose names out of a hat, and keep your recipient a secret. Then each person gives their name a holiday ornament that celebrates something about one of your group’s memories. For instance, maybe you all went to the beach of spring break, and you choose an ornament with beach sand and a flip flop in it. Get together for your gift exchange and enjoy reminiscing about old times.

Get Outside

Sometimes the stress associated with hosting is overwhelming. You don’t have to plan a party to get together. Invite neighbors for a Sunday morning walk or hike to take in the fresh air and enjoy each others company.

Connect With Your Community

This time of year offers many opportunities to connect with others. Volunteer at your local community center. Offer to read holiday books at a nearby library or senior center.

Celebrate the Importance of Friends and Family this Holiday

Create your own Christmas village: Snow Village Houses, Burlap Reindeer Wreath, String of Lit Christmas Bells


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