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Red, White & Blue Americana Decorating [Video]



– [Robin] The weekend’s almost here.

I’m Robin with Front Door Friday.

Let’s celebrate America and decorate for

Uncle Sam.

♪ [music] ♪

Are you ready for Fourth of July

fireworks, popsicles,

and warm summer evenings?

This patriotic front door is a


Try this star door decor inspired by

string art. First, place five clear Command hooks on

the door for the star tips.

Make sure the hooks are facing outward.

Using wide ribbon, start at the top and

wrap the star, ending at the top

with a bow.

Ferns are the perfect front door plant.

Make the festive by using seasonal picks

like American flags.

Add a flag bunting to make this trough a

patriotic standout.

Today, Erin from Country Door

is joining me.

Welcome, Erin.

– [Erin] Hi, Robin.

This is a really cool star.

How did you make it?

– [Robin] Believe it or not,

it is made from dollar store photo frames.

– [Erin] – How did you put it together?

– [Robin] – That’s what we’re going to be doing


I want to introduce this product that I

absolutely love. It’s called E6000.

It’s an industrial-strength product that

you can use on so many different surfaces.

It says, “Metal, wood, fabric, glass,

ceramic, and polymer clay.”

And it’s a fantastic product.

♪ [music] ♪


Just a basic dollar store frame.

We are going to be taking off the back and

taking the glass out because we’re going

to be spraying out the frame.

So, we take it out, and then what you want

to do is take a marker and some cardboard,

hold up two of the frame pieces,

because we’re going to be finding the

angle that we want to use.

You can use as wide or

as narrow as you’d like.

But what we want to make sure is that all

of them are at the same angle,

otherwise your star is not going to work.

I had told you about the E6000 that I love to use.

It does take a little bit more time to set

up, but it’s very secure when it is set up.

So, for today’s purposes,

we are going to be using hot glue.

And hot glue can work if we are just using

lighter weight frames,

but you’ll definitely want to use the

E6000 for any heavier frames or if you

need to have some secure hold on it.

So just touch it together.

– [Erin] –  Now, how long should we leave the hot

glue, or even the E6000 set?

– [Robin] – The hot glue, it only takes a minute,

but the E6000, you want to give it 10

to 20 minutes depending on the weight of

the frame.

♪ [music] ♪

Wave the stars and stripes all summer long

and make your front porch the star

of the neighborhood.


That’s it for this week’s Front Door Friday.

I encourage you to step out and try some

front door decorating this weekend.

To learn more, check out the Country Door

blog and we’ll see you next Friday.

Happy decorating and God bless.

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