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How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

Easy Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Add Ambiance To Summer Entertaining

The weather is right for creating enchanting outdoor spaces once the sun goes down. Lucky for us, that’s an easy task thanks to today’s wonderful outdoor lighting options. There are plenty of ways to light up your outdoor entertaining whether you are setting the mood under the canopy of your backyard’s trees and foliage or on a deck or patio. Here, we offer up some illuminating outdoor decorating ideas.

Tips and Ideas for Lighting Up Your Outdoor Space
1: Outdoor Chandelier,  2: New Glass Sorbet Lantern, 3: Set of 3 Solar Flower Stakes, 4: Solar Cage String Lights, 5: Set of 4 Chained Solar Lanterns, 6: Solar Red Geranium Light, 7: Solar Lamp Post with Planter, 8: Set of 3 Large Crackleball,  9: Hanging Solar Lantern

Outdoor Solar Lighting

It’s never been easier to cut the cord and go wireless with your outdoor lighting, thanks to solar-powered options that soak up the sun’s rays by day so that you have ready-to-glow ambiance all evening long. Look for hanging lanterns, flower stakes to light pathways and deck railing options that add a subtle glow to help accent stairs and paths. These decorating tips and tricks will help you light the night with solar lights.

Hanging Lights Outside

Grab several strings of outdoor lights and see how easy it is to transform your space with some clever light arrangement. Channel your favorite outdoor bistro by crisscrossing bistro lighting over a dining area. Create a lovely glow by hanging lights along covered decks or railings. Fill an outdoor gazebo with ambiance when you string lights inside and add a chandelier in the center. Evenly space outdoor hanging lanterns along a covered deck for a beautiful effect.

Add the Charm

There are plenty of whimsical options when it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, from colored glass lanterns to welcoming lamp posts to garden stakes that change color. Let your outdoor lighting choices be an extension of your decorating style. Going for a coastal vibe? Fill hurricane lanterns with LED candles and seashells. Want a more tropical feel? Use tiki lights along the perimeter of the yard to strike the right mood.

Make It Feel Like a Resort

The key to making your backyard feel more like a resort can be found in choosing the right lighting. Take a multi-dimensional approach. Add lights at high, low and mid-point areas. Add accent lighting up in the trees to make your space feel bigger. Lights that shine up into the treetops, or subtly highlight landscaped areas provides ambient lighting. Illuminate pathways with a string of pathway lighting. If you have a water feature, such as a pond or a pool, be sure to add accent lighting there as well.



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I need a folding gazebo not bigger than 6 feet by 4 feet and feet tall. What is the dimations of the on in the picture?

Hi Anna,

Our Folding Gazebo is 11′ 8″ diam. x 9′ h. You can find more information about it here:

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