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5 Ways to Personalize A Store-Bought Wreath

woman hanging a wreath on front door made from a window frame and white and green flowers

Not all of us have time to create original wreaths. Sometimes it’s easier (and less expensive) to buy a decorated wreath from the store. But you can still make it your own! Here are some quick tips for updating a store-bought wreath.


The easiest and quickest update by far: change out the bow! If you’ve bought a multi-seasonal wreath, keep a selection of bows to rotate through the months. Hot glue a hair clip to the back or a floral wire loop for attaching to the wreath.

woman applying a red and black plaid ribbon to an evergreen wreath with wooden skis


Adding letters and words draws people in and reflects your humor, wit and character.

Lightweight signs are easiest. Try using a plastic dollar store frame and print out or write a quote inside. Attach with floral wire. Or a piece of scrap wood is easily painted and stenciled. Use your imagination, not your credit card!

Monogram letters can be found at most craft supply or hobby stores. Paint, decoupage or leave natural. This is a very personal touch that spans seasons and holidays.

woman applying let it snow sign to snow shoe wreath


Broken toys, game pieces, odds and ends…junk drawers can be a treasure trove. Add a few touches around your wreath for that little unexpected twist. Or add some items personal to you like cooking utensils, craft supplies or tools. Use your imagination and have fun!

wreath made from cooks apron measuring spoons and cups egg beaters and recipe card


If you’re a bargain shopper, sometimes the things on sale don’t match your color scheme. But you can make it work.

From adding glitter to paint, there are no rules once you buy it! If you’re brave, spray paint the entire wreath. Monochromatic wreaths can be very dramatic and make a powerful statement. Or grab some craft paints and add accents to flowers and leaves.

woman mixing country blue paint with paint stick


Adding florals and greenery make the wreath fuller, more colorful and dramatic. It can elevate an ordinary, run-of-the-mill piece to a showstopper. So don’t be afraid to rearrange and redo.

closeup of tulips on a spring wreath

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Wendyl Brown

Do you have the individual words for the wreaths, that can be interchanged?

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Published on Jan 24 2019

Last Updated on Mar 17 2021

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