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Interior Design Tips: How to Use Texture

Try Out These Interior Design Tips to Add Texture to Your Home Decor

Once you’ve decided on an overall theme for your room, and you’ve got the foundation in place, now is the time to take a look at your room with a different eye—one that focuses on adding the elements of texture to your space. Have a sleek, contemporary look? Think shiny, slick and reflective. Going for comfy and cozy? Consider plush fabrics, natural elements and woven accents. There are so many ways to layer texture into your room to truly give it an individual touch.

Bedding Basics

Pattern choice and fabric weight can both play a part in adding texture to your bedroom. Play with different bedding textures to see which ones fit your style best. Quilted bedding feels cozy and welcoming. Silky satin coverlets feel high-end and fancy. Piles of lace take on a romantic, vintage vibe. Pin-tucked bedcovers add a textural interest when you want a solid color to carry the room.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Fur Sure

Faux fur adds a fabulous textural element to any room, from a striking faux fur area rug under a coffee table to a throw blanket tossed across the back of a couch, to a pile of faux fur pillows on the guest bed. Keep it in neutral tones to make it blend nicely with your room’s other textures.

Decorative Baskets

Go Organic

Take a look around—you’ll find texture in many of your home décor elements. From a trio of rope baskets in a goes-with-everything color palette, to a matching set of rattan storage trunks, these kinds of pieces sport an organic, textural feel that moves easily from room to room, wherever you need to add that element of texture.


Natural Inspirations

Find inspiration in nature and bring it inside. Fill a large standing vase with lighted lit branches. Line a windowsill with shells. String a garland of vine around a headboard. Add an accent table that shows off its gorgeous wood grain.

Accent Mirror

Light Ideas

Use light in any room to add a textural element. Think about how you hang a lamp fixture—does it throw an interesting shadow? Let nightlights throw a mix of color and pattern along hallways. Use an accent mirror to reflect the light and make your space feel bigger than it is. Hang an interesting wall candle holder to bring flickering light to a hallway or corner of a room.

Decorative Wall Art

Transform Your Walls

It’s easy to focus on everything in your room, except the walls, but this is the place where texture is a natural choice. High-gloss paint adds shine to a modern space. Patterned wallpaper adds instant personality. Natural grass cloth delivers a low-key look. Wainscoting or bead board can add texture when you want to maintain a neutral color palette. Decorative wall art, such as a pretty cathedral screen or a set of matching metal art, is one of the easiest ways to add texture to any space.

Just getting started?

This is only the beginning. We have plenty of home décor ideas that can help you layer texture throughout your home.

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Awesome article.

Thank you for the information. It’ll give me some ideas when we move this Spring/Summer.

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