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As the world awakens to the vibrant hues and gentle breezes of spring, so does our desire to refresh and renew our living spaces. Welcome to “Spring Forward: Refresh, Renew, Redecorate” a celebration of the season’s renewing spirit with refreshingly curated decor.

From the timeless allure of floral patterns to the whimsical charm of bird and buzzing bees, our new collection encapsulates the essence of the season. Join us on a journey through redecoration of spaces to beckon warmth, comfort, and a touch of nostalgia, all harmoniously blended with today’s influences. Discover how these elements seamlessly integrate into your home, creating a haven that radiates the welcoming, cozy, and unique charm that defines the Country Door experience.

Influencer Spotlight

In this edition of our #CountryDoorRefresh campaign, we invite you to explore the freshness of spring through the lens of our influencers as they curate and share their stories around Country Door’s Spring redecoration.

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Floral Fantasies

The Symbol of spring – budding flowers that embody new growth and fresh starts with the changing of the seasons. Floral accents in your home can make your house feel just as welcoming as flowers welcome spring. 

Front Door wreathes and garlands can set the stage of your home. Whether you have bright colors or warm and soft whites throughout your home, the front door florals can complement the tone perfectly by extending it outside to greet your guests.

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Springtime bouquet arrangements throughout the house help bring the beautiful natural decor of outdoors – indoors. And the rustic style vase will help connect the romantic fresh flowers to your chic farmhouse design!

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Extend the floral arrangements onto everyday items to complement the floral fantasies! These items can be rugs, wall art, furniture, pillows, curtains, or anything else you feel would fit your home environment.

Chirping Charm

The Springtime birds are migrating back for their fresh start. As they are enjoying the warmer weather and making their homes for the season, so are we!

Refresh your bathroom with chirping charm decor to feel more renewed while getting ready or winding down! Subtle hints of birds throughout your bathroom ties together a calming nature theme to help you rejuvenate and clear your mind.

The fresh spring air means that love is in the air. Birds bring a romantic appeal to your home by highlighting the light and romantic aspect of nature. Embody the freedom and love birds symbolize by featuring them throughout your living space.

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Buzzing With Beauty

Busy Bees are hard at work in the springtime to help make nature as beautiful as possible – much like many of us are during our spring cleaning and fresh starts. Whether we are busy with our garden or redecorating and refreshing our home, we and bees are both buzzing with beauty in mind.

Experience the delightful buzz in your kitchen with our charming bee-themed decor, setting the stage for new springtime recipes featuring fresh fruits and vegetables – all inspired by the industrious bees! Elevate your culinary space with these bee-inspired accents, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Our iconic kitchen collection not only adds a touch of whimsy but also celebrates the role of bees in bringing freshness to your table. Transform your cooking space into a hive of creativity and culinary delights, guided by the natural beauty and productivity of our buzzing bee-themed kitchen decor.

After a bustling day, unwind in the comfort of your beautiful buzzing bedroom adorned with our delightful bee-themed decor. Immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere as bee motifs infuse a sense of charm and relaxation into your personal sanctuary. Our carefully curated bee-inspired elements transform your bedroom into a serene retreat, offering a perfect blend of style and tranquility for a peaceful night’s rest.

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