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Spring Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home

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Spring Fever: Spring Inspired Interior Decorating Ideas


Update Your Home with Spring Room Décor

Spring fever is contagious, especially when you start waking up each room in your house with signs of this vibrant season. Use these spring decorating ideas to refresh the different rooms in your home.

A multicolor round wreath with white and yellow roses, and other berries and flowers.


Front Entryway

Start at the very beginning and add a spring wreath for the front door. It is the perfect way to welcome guests and springtime into your home. Once inside, give your entryway an update. Nothing says springtime like a fresh-from-the-garden batch of color with a flowered foyer. Place fresh flowers in unexpected containers, or simple garden pots. Display them on your entryway table or in your windowsill. Switch out wall art—here is a place to add a pop of color. Freshen the accent pieces on your console table and add something botanical, like a terrarium or an arrangement of lush greenery.

faux flowers

Fresh flowers are lovely but don’t stray away from adding faux flowers and greenery throughout the house so that you can enjoy low-maintenance color all season. A wreath of colorful faux cosmos on the front door welcomes guests while staying vibrant all spring.

A loveseat in an ivory and rose floral slipcover, accent pillows, and a scrolled faux cement coffee table with white tulips.

Living Room Cover-Up

Completely change the look and mood of your living room with the addition of spring-inspired slipcovers. Mix and match floral patterns with crisp stripes and basic solids while staying within the same color palette. Your room will look like a professional designed it. Finish the look with coordinated window treatments. Breezy sheer curtain panels let in plenty of natural light and add a lightness to the space.

colorful quilts

Bedroom Blooms

Pack away those heavy velvets and dark colors that were perfect for snuggling in during the long, chilly winter, but now seem out of place as we instill new life into the bedroom. Layer vibrant colorful quilts in a multitude of patterns for a fresh look. Hang a set of sheer draperies to let in more sunlight. Find inspiration and charm in water-colored wall art providing shades of purple and blue lilies. Entice the senses by setting fragrant planters of fresh spring flowers by the bedside.

A Spring multicolor floral bed set in teal, yellow, and orange, next to a side table with vased flowers by an open window.

Bedside flowers can either match the quilts, pillows, and draperies – or, they can contrast. Select what suits your style.


Work From Home Office Decorating Ideas

Now this is what we call working at home beautifully! Give your home office space a fresh new makeover with vibrant-colored rolling cabinets, a fresh white desk, and whimsical wall art that can only be found in the welcoming space of a home office rather than a corporate cubicle.

country chic canisters

Kitchen Kitsch

Your kitchen can get its own fresh breath of spring with the easy addition of a few key pieces. Place a set of country chic canisters on your countertop (they pull double duty with storage capability too!), replace your kitchen mat with one in a fresh floral print in front of your sink, and add an herb garden to your windowsill.


Or, take embrace the farmhouse chic. Who knew chickens and country kitsch could be so charming! No wonder this look is so popular right now. It’s as welcoming as it is decorative. Bring this amiable personality to your kitchen by hanging a rustic clock shelf nearby, placing a rooster cookie jar on your countertop, and displaying a couple of vintage farmhouse plaques on the wall.


Dining Room

Start thinking ahead to Easter and spring gatherings with your spring table decorations. A garden print table runner and a pair of bunnies set the mood. Dining chair slipcovers can breathe new life into your dining area and get you ready for the change in season. Matching kitchen linens and a fresh set of dishes in coordinating patterns add fresh springtime flair.

Smart Spaces

From your home office to the family den, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of spring everywhere in your home with just a few accents. Position a colorful geometric area rug in the center of the room. Place cabinets against an otherwise empty wall and dress up the walls with a few season-inspired art pieces. Swap out dark furniture covers with lighter colors and add a new set of accent pillows.

Spring Home Décor Trends for 2016


Mixing Up Spring Home Décor Styles

This season, think about changing up your design style beyond just adding a touch of the season. Instead, look at mixing up design styles for a fresh, on-trend take on spring home décor. If mixing styles seems like new territory, fear not. We present our experts’ top tips on how to mix styles like a pro.

Red, white and green floral print quilt and shams, with a floral wreath, wicker table with vased tulips, and sheer drapes.

Old & New Décor Ideas

If your room has a modern flair, consider adding rustic pieces to add a touch of warmth and contrast – combine some new and old. The clean lines, crisp patterns, and bold colors that are often the signature of contemporary furniture look beautiful when paired with weathered wood, brushed steel, or vintage finds. Antique headboards paired with modern quilts are particularly stunning. Even small accent pieces like a glass jug for a vase or a wood-topped coffee table can be just enough to make the perfect mix.

Upholstered Headboard


Elegance & Romance

Turn your bedroom into a gorgeous retreat when you mix old-school glamour with modern-day romance. Start with an upholstered headboard that harkens back to the golden days of Hollywood, then layer on lacy textures in your bed coverings, airy sheers to your windows, and wispy soft colors throughout the room. Toss a throw pillow with elegant sequins to finish the look. Your room will take on a daydreamy mood that makes the perfect escape.

wall art

Country & City

The contrast between styles is often what makes their pairing the most interesting and perfect. Take classic country charm with metal wall art, an informal sideboard, and farmyard-inspired milky white ceramic serve ware, like pitchers and bowls. Next, pair it with a crystal vase filled with cut blooms or a dainty glass domed cake stand that you might find at a fancy tea in the city. The final look has its very own unexpected charm.

storage stool

Retro & Refined

What kitchen area couldn’t benefit from some personality and organization to boot? Take a corner cabinet that is all business, becoming your go-to place for easy storage of everyday items. Then offset it with an all-retro set of wire-cubbied wall shelves that show off vintage finds and your favorite notions. Add a couple of metal kitchen stools in a fresh, modern hue and you’ll soon find this mixed together look turns an ordinary corner into a welcoming conversation starter!

Sweet Dreams: Guest Bedroom Décor Ideas

Fresh Spring Interior Design Tips

Springtime is just a breath of fresh air away. Close your eyes and be inspired by thoughts of the season with all of its soft colors, subtle textures, and inviting cozy styles. Here we offer a few ways to introduce Mother Nature’s next big event into your home.

Start With a Coat of Paint

That would be a coat of paint or two. There is nothing like brightening up your wall color to give any room a recharge and spring is the perfect time to instill some fresh energy. Not ready to do a whole room? Identify a good accent wall and see how spring colors can lift the room’s mood. Refresh any room’s color scheme with paint color tips from Country Door’s interior designers.


The bedroom is an easy place to refresh and recharge with the simple change-out of your bedding set. Start by selecting soothing pastels, then look for delicate textures, like pin-tucked pleats or gracefully embroidered edges that create softness and dimension. Add layers of white, from soft ivory to crisp linen, in sheet sets, comforters, pillows, throws and picture frames, to wake up a room and add a glowing lightness.

White lace curtains and valances, a beige tufted chair, a side table with vased roses and two hanging lanterns.


While winter may have called for rich, deep colors and heavy textures, spring lightens things up. Visit every room to see where you could invite a little springtime inside. Is it the sheer airiness of a wispy set of lace window curtains? A subtle pairing of sherbet-inspired pillows? A delicate voile quilt tossed across the foot of your bed? Or perhaps, don an apron with pretty polka dots while cooking up your next branch of cookies.

A round wreath with magenta hydrangeas, white flowers, and lime hydrangea, berries and leaves.


Revitalize any shelf when you place urns or vases of varied sizes and fill them with sprigs of fresh herbs or the latest-in-season blooms. Turn an unused pitcher in your cabinet into a vase, fill it with a vibrant bouquet of daises and instantly add life to any corner of your home. Turn your front door into an enchanted garden with a decorative wreath.

A yellow, red, white, and brown bird figurine on a restice turned wood base.


Nothing says springtime like bringing the outside indoors with decorative accessories. The simple addition of a bird figurine, a wildflower-spun wreath, or a garden gate-inspired wall art can remind us of the joys of the garden while getting us prepared for the pleasant weather ahead.

Want to learn how to decorate your front door for Spring?

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Looking for an old catalog. I believe it was Spring 2021. The shower curtain that I designed my bathroom around is no longer available. So I purchased the quilt that was similar. Water colors with flowers.Thought I could make it work. But its to heavy. So I was hoping to locate a sold out item, Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Nice ideas..

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Do you have a catalog?

Hi Debbie,
We do have catalogs – You can request one by clicking on this link. It can take up to six weeks to receive a catalog, so feel free to browse our online catalog in the meantime. Thanks for commenting!

A new brightly coloured quilt and curtains, made a huge difference to my usual cold looking bedroom.

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