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Decorate With Aquamarine Color

Aquamarine Is One Of The Highlights Of Home Interior Color Schemes This Season

You need to look no further than the beachy blues of aquamarine to create a distinctive look to your home this season. The cool, serene nature of aquamarine colors makes a perfect match with summer’s tranquil mood. Embrace this oceanic palette and see how the vibrant color can add just the right touch to your décor.

What Is the Color Aquamarine?

Is it blue? Is it green? The answer is a resounding yes! The beauty of aquamarine is that it has elements of both green and blue in it. There are both warm and cool shades of aquamarine. Pairing it up with complimentary cool spring greens looks both modern and fresh. Hold a soft yellow up to your aqua and see if it feels complementary.

 Aquamarine Quilt Set

Bring Serenity to a Bedroom

If you are ready for a change in your bedroom, infuse the serene shades of aquamarine in a quilt set and with coordinating throw pillows. Add billowy soft sheers to windows as a nice accent. Be prepared for your bedroom to instantly feels wistful and calm. Want a modern touch? Look for a geometric print in a gorgeous shade of aquamarine against a crisp creamy white.

Add Aquamarine to Your Dining Table

Add Aquamarine to Your Dining Table

The change in season is a great reason to update your table linens and aquamarine can provide just the right burst of vibrant color to set the tone. Look for colorful dinnerware sets and matching placemats and napkins to bring the look together.

Accent Chair

Find the Perfect Accent

When you want to add just a hint of aquamarine color to your space, try adding a lovely accent chair with matching ottoman to a reading nook, or in your usual conversation area. In a foyer, switch out wall art with a large watercolor canvas print to instantly update that first impression you will make with your guests.

Outdoor Patio Decor

Get Outside

The botanical color tones of aquamarine make it a natural for beach-themed outdoor decorating to pair against earthy greens. Hang sea glass-inspired birdfeeders from nearby trees, define your seating areas with patio rugs in eye-catching blue-green patterns. Vibrant outdoor accent pillows, vases, and solar garden décor play a nice contrast to tan or white neutrals and feel fresh and cruise-inspired.

Comments (21)

i love every thing I have ordered. I will continue buying for myself and for gifts.

I am looking for the blue and white striped rug?

Hi Andrea, That is our Bungalow Indoor/Outdoor Rug, you can find it here:

Do you have wall decorations I need some for the flordia house and do you have a catalog

Hi Sheila, You can find our wall decor here: And you can request a catalog on this page
You can also view our online catalog here:

Where can I find the white table with benches?

Hi Jeane,
That is our Daytona Furniture. You can find it here:

Where do I find the van that is a planter??

Hi Julie, If you are referring to our Vintage Camper Planter, here is the link to it on our website.

Have a good day!

I love the tips! Wish I had the catalog. Saw one at mom’s house. Even placed an order, which I loved, but no catalog yet.

Hi Kathleen, Thank you for your comment. You can request a catalog here Have a nice day!

Just so inviting! Refreshing, especially after the cold and ice of winter ~ bring it on!

How do I find the cat-tail and aqua sticks that are accenting the chair and ottoman scene. Love them??? Thanks bunches

Hi Deliah, I’m very sorry it is not available, here are some of our other floral accents.

Aquamarine is one of the east colours to work around in the summer season can be easily added to the fall seasons as a base colour

I love beach/nautical decor. Where can I but the striped outdoor rug? After clicking on ‘patio rugs’ I was disappointed that it wasn’t shown for sale from your catalog.

Hi Bernadine, Thank you for your comment. That is our Bungalow Indoor/Outdoor Rug you can find it here on our site.

I look forward to receiving the Country Door catalog. It’s a fun filled magazine. Our beachhouse is filled with ocean themed aquamarine! We even have a Mermaid Lounge! A fun place to come. Thank you Country Door.

Gorgeous ideas thank you

is the chair and the ottoman inaqua or blue?

Gertie, thank you for your question. The color of aquamarine tends to vary along the blue-green color spectrum. The majority of aquamarines are a light blue color. In the cyan spectrum, the Crestview Accent Chair & Ottoman is more blue than blue-green. I hope that helps.

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