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Home Lighting Ideas to Create a Welcoming Glow

Room Lighting Basics

Home lighting doesn’t begin and end at the wall light switch. In fact, that’s only the beginning. Be sure to incorporate all kinds of room lighting into every room of your home, from ambient lighting to accent lighting to task lighting to be sure to make the most of this illuminating decorating element.

Living Room Lighting

You might find yourself choosing a table lamp just based on the decorative element of the shade or base, but consider how it’s being utilized in your room. Let it shed light on a reading area or bring focus to a conversation area.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting

Bedrooms are usually our place for rest and relaxation. Use sconces and low-wattage table lamps to create the right ambiance combined with a table lamp where reading light is needed.

Stained Glass hHome Office Desk Lamp

Home Office Lighting

A desk lamp is a must-have in every home office to help light the main work area. If your office is big enough, add a floor lamp near a chair to encourage visitors to stop and join you.

Entryway Table Lamp and Floor Lamp

Foyer Lighting

Create a welcoming glow for guests once they’ve entered your front door with a well-placed table lamp or floor lamp in your entryway. This area makes the first impression, so let the lighting set the mood.

Outdoor Lighting Lantern

Outdoor Lighting

Let outdoor lighting create a welcoming sight to your home. Solar lighting allows you to put lights right where you want them without worrying about cords and outdoor electrical outlets.

Dining Room Decor with Table Lamp

Dining Room Lighting

Combine multiple light sources in your dining room. Place a dimmer on your overhead light to get just the right main lighting, then complement it by lighting a buffet with a distinct table lamp.

Decorative Lighting for the Home

Accent Lighting

Add the glow of decorative lighting to unexpected areas such as a guest bath vanity, a small hallway table, on top of a fireplace mantel, or tucked in a corner on your kitchen counter.

Get Your Bright Ideas Here!

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